The Witches of Oz (2011) - update

The Witches of Oz coming soon in different venues:
UK: 2-part special (4 hours) - Syfy July 5th and 12th, 2011
USA - Miniseries (4 hours) shown in fall 2011
followed later by feature film (2 hours)

Description: "Dorothy Gale is a simple girl living with her Uncle Henry in rural Kansas. In her spare time, she writes children’s books, based on the land of Oz created by her grandfather. Her mundane life is turned upside down when she receives an offer from a big New York agency to represent her books. She grabs her faithful dog Toto and her best friend Allen and heads to the Big Apple.

In New York, Dorothy is thrust into a strange new world inhabited by slick talent agents, famous actresses, and pushy businessmen. But things are about to get stranger. Dorothy soon realizes that her books, and her grandfather’s stories, are based in reality. The magical world of Oz and all of its inhabitants are very real and they are coming here! Dorothy and her friends must find the courage, the heart and the smarts to stop the denizens of Oz from taking over our world. They are the only ones who can stop the evil Wicked Witch of the West and her plans of global domination."

Paulie Rojas as Dorothy Gale, Jeffrey Combs as Frank

Eliza Swenson as Billie Westbrook, Billy Boyd as Nick Chopper

Noel Thurman as Glinda, Barry Ratcliffe as Bryan

Lance Henriksen as Henry, Mia Sara as Princess Langwidere

Images: Syfy UK

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  1. I'm extremely leery of this, as it's SyFy and they already bollocksed up the whole thing with Tin Man, but it makes me really happy that Glinda's costume (headdress, anyway) looks like it has that Art Nouveau influence that you see in those early illustrations in the books.



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