Shopping, Seduction & Mr Selfridge

Andrew Davies is adapting Lindy Woodhead’s nonfiction bestseller Shopping, Seduction & Mr Selfridge for ITV Studios.

It's the story of "how brash American retailer Harry Gordon Selfridge --"The Showman of Shopping" -- opened the world’s first purpose-built department store in London in 1909.... Certainly there’s a plum role for the American actor playing Selfridge, who blew his fortune on mistresses and gambling before dying destitute. Selfridge’s girlfriends included famed dancer Isadora Duncan and Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. His massive overspending ultimately cost him control of Selfridges."

Book description: "The men who created the first department stores—what Zola called "great cathedrals of shopping"—made vast fortunes, but no one understood how shopping could become sexy as well as Mr. Selfridge. In 1909, his department store—London’s first and built from scratch—opened in a glorious burst of publicity, spearheaded by the largest advertising campaign ever mounted in the British press. In his eponymous store, Harry Gordon Selfridge created nothing less than "the theater of retail." His personal life was just as flamboyant—one of mistresses and mansions, racehorses and yachts. In this revealing narrative, author Lindy Woodhead tells the extraordinary story of a revolution in shopping, depicts the rise and fall of a retail prince, and unravels a slice of social history that will surprise and entertain any woman who loves to shop." []

This series is not yet commissioned.


  1. I've been meaning to pick up a copy of this book ever since I saw it in the now defunct borders of Charing Cross Road in London.

  2. Thank god that Andrew Davies is not retiring. I will watch anything that man writes. Some are better than others, but anything he writes is better than most of the shows on TV today.

    This man needs to live forever! I want to see more from Sandy Welsh too. Oh, and Emma Thompson needs to do a few more adaptations for the big screen. Do you think they can hear me?

    I may pick this book up too. It looks fascinating.

  3. This sounds like it would be fun to watch. I have a book, "Give the Lady What She Wants", the story of the Marshall Field & Co. Department Stores. It was given to me, and I haven't read it yet, but it's full of photos and fashion prints from their history. Might make a great movie too.

  4. @Jenny Allworthy
    Shout a wee bit louder so they will hear you! Sigh, if only we could choose the adaptations that we'd like to see instead of some of the rehashed dramas sent our way. Let me know how you like the book if you do get it!

    @Time Traveling in Costume
    That does sound like an intriguing book and right up your alley! Eager to know if you like it!

  5. I've only been enjoying and following these period dramas since "The King's Speech" in November. What a gift that prompt was! In this short time, I've run into Andrew Davies several times, and his work is just excellent--I appreciate it a lot.

  6. @Tracy
    Yes Mr. Davies has had his share of success when it comes to period dramas! If you like his style, have you seen more of his projects? I've listed them here!

  7. Yes, Andrew Davies and Heidi Thomas are the only two screenplay writers worth viewing these days. I love Andrew Davies work, and I equally adore Heidi Thomas's. She wrote Lilies, a brilliant drama series set in Northern Ireland. Exquisite writing, beautifully fleshed out characters and powerful storylines. She also wrote the new series of Upstairs Downstairs, which is streets ahead of the cliched Downton Abbey. (The latter series was written by Julian Fellowes, whose characters are made of cardboard and his storylines cliches of everything you've seen before.)

  8. @Rod
    Sorry but I have to disagree with you. I was not impressed with Upstairs, Downstairs and had to force myself through all 3 episodes just to say that I had watched it to the end although I know others did enjoy it. But I absolutely loved Downton and the other projects penned by Fellowes!



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