Top Ten Regency Films

Here are the poll results of the most-watched Regency-era period dramas. As expected, the adaptations based on Jane Austen's work topped the list. Thanks to all who took the time to vote! (5600 films tallied)

~ Here are the Top Ten ~
(percentage shown refers to voters who have viewed that drama, any version)

#1 Pride and Prejudice 95%
Greer Garson & Laurence Olivier (1940)
Elizabeth Garvie & David Rintoul (1980)
Jennifer Ehle & Colin Firth (1995)
Keira Knightley & Matthew Macfadyen (2005)

#2 Emma 93%
Doran Godwin & John Carson (1972)
Gwyneth Paltrow & Jeremy Northam (1996)
Kate Beckinsale & Mark Strong (1996)
Romola Garai & Jonny Lee Miller (2009)

#3 Sense and Sensibility 92%
Irene Richards & Tracey Childs (1981)
Emma Thompson & Kate Winslet (1995)
Hattie Morahan & Charity Wakefield (2008)

#4 Persuasion 89%
Ann Firbank & Bryan Marshall (1971)
Amanda Root & CiarĂ¡n Hinds (1995)
Sally Hawkins & Rupert Penry-Jones (2007)

#5 Mansfield Park 84%
Sylvestra Le Touzel & Nicholas Farrell (1983)
Frances O'Connor & Jonny Lee Miller (1999)
Billie Piper & Blake Ritson (2007)

#6 Becoming Jane 81%
Anne Hathaway & James McAvoy (2007)

#7 Northanger Abbey 80%
Katharine Schlesinger & Peter Firth (1987)
Felicity Jones & JJ Feild (2007)

#8 Vanity Fair 58%
Natasha Little (1998)
Reese Witherspoon (2004)

#9 Count of Monte Cristo 56%
Richard Chamberlain (1975)
Gerard Depardieu (1999)
James Cavaziel (2002)

#10 Miss Austen Regrets 51%
Olivia Williams (2008)

And two more dramas which were right behind #10 with number of votes:
Lost in Austen and Bright Star
(viewed by 50% and 49% respectively)


  1. Yep, Jane Austen adaptations have top viewing in the bag when it comes to the Regency period. only three of those aren't Austen related. I love these results though! :)

    ~Miss Laurie

  2. Oh yes, here is the Regency (I'm easily confused Cheryl)! And I had voted and commented on it!

    I hope more people will check out the latest Northanger Abbey, because it is one of my faves. And I really loved Natasha Little's Vanity Fair way better than the Reese Witherspoon version. The Natasha Little one is a longer miniseries and got me to read the book which is fantastic. Becky Sharp is one sociopathic social climber!

    New version of Emma I loved, new version of Mansfield Park, can't quite bring myself to watch it again. Maybe soon...

  3. @Jenny Allworthy
    I STILL haven't seen Mansfield Park '07. It didn't appeal to me and once it came out, I didn't hear any convincing reviews that I was missing anything! As for Northanger Abbey, I enjoyed it much more than expected - largely due to the performances by JJ and Felicity!

  4. Oh, JJ and those sexy ears of his. My husband will actually watch Northanger Abbey with me. Just the right length and he thinks it is cute. (Felicity is adorable with her mouth gaping open half the time!)

    There are some younger folk who like the new Mansfield Park, so I mean to give it another chance. Soon....

  5. I loved the new Northanger Abbey 2007, it is my second favorite after Pride and Prejudice 1996, and my third one is Sense and Sensibility 2008, but unfortunately I can not say anything good about Mansfield Park 2007. Billie Piper was a terrible choice, everyone else was great.
    Her image was so NOT regency (blond hair, modern style, never in a bonnet or ponytail) and her big mouth was so distracting, to me she look more like a porn star. I own both DVD's, and Mansfield Park 2007 is the only DVD I only watched only once since I bough it. I'm a big fan of Jane Austen and I own just about any version of movie or TV show base on her novels. I even watch and enjoyed different kind of movies made after famous Austen’s novels, like Lost in Austen, and Bride and Prejudice (Indian P&P), but Mansfield Park 2007 was totally ruined to me by Billie Piper‘s image. Her acting was not that bad, but her image…….if she would only tried to look more “period”, I could of probably pass the big mouth.

  6. Ach! I missed this poll. I would have been able to vote for all but one.

  7. I'm not sure if this one belongs in the Regency era, but I've noticed that you don't have A Hazard of Hearts on your list. It's really good! It's on YouTube right now: A Hazard of Hearts

  8. @Emily
    Hazard of Hearts is included in the list of Regency Films here:
    Thanks for the link on Youtube. I do have another person's upload already in the list of Movies available on Youtube but in case one is removed, it's always nice to have another choice! I've not watched that one myself though!

  9. Oh good! You do have it :) Thank you! Now I'm embarrassed because I missed that page; I think I was looking in the FILM INDEX. Oh well.

  10. @Emily
    Please don't be embarrassed. There are times that I can't find things on here!



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