The Serpent and the Moon - miniseries?

Princess Michael of Kent has asked Sir Julian Fellowes to adapt her novel The Serpent and the Moon, set during the French Renaissance, into an 8-part miniseries.

She's quoted in The Telegraph: "It has been picked up by a producer and been optioned to be an eight–part series. I have written an outline and I am hoping Julian will write it. His wife has been my chief lady-in-waiting for 25 years, so no pressure...The agents are talking. If Julian can, I know he will."

Book synopsis from
"Set against the stunning backdrop of Renaissance France, The Serpent and the Moon is a true story of love, war, intrigue, betrayal, and persecution. At its heart is one of the world's greatest love stories: the lifelong devotion of King Henri II of France to Diane de Poitiers, a beautiful aristocrat who was nineteen years older than her lover. At age fourteen, Henri was married to fourteen-year-old Catherine de' Medici, an unattractive but extremely wealthy heiress who was to bring half of Italy to France as her dowry. When Catherine met Henri on her wedding day, she fell instantly in love, but Henri could see no one but the beautiful Diane. When Henri eventually became king, he and Diane ruled France as one. Meanwhile, Catherine took as her secret motto the words "Hate and Wait" and lived for the day Diane would die and she could win Henri's love and rule by his side. Fate had another plan. Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent, herself a descendant of both Catherine and Diane, imbues this seldom-told story with an insider's grasp of royal life. The Serpent and the Moon is a fascinating love story as well as a richly woven history of an extraordinary time."

About the Author (from
Her Royal Highness, Princess Michael of Kent (born Marie Christine Agnes Hedwig Ida von Reibnitz) studied history and art history, served on the Board of the Victoria and Albert Museum, and for the past twelve years has pursued a successful lecture career, speaking on various historical subjects at museums and universities throughout the Europe, U.S. and Latin America. She lives with her husband Prince Michael of Kent in their apartment in Kensington Palace and their house in Gloucestershire.

What I'd like to know is what about the Titanic miniseries and Season 3 of Downton Abbey? As well as Fellowes' other projects mentioned previously - Emma and Nelson, Greek Fire and The Vanderbilts? I would think he's already busy enough!


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