The King's Speech Receives Royal Approval!

From The Telegraph:
The Queen is said to have given her blessing to the Oscar-nominated film The King's Speech after watching it in a private screening.

The movie portrays her father King George VI's battle against his speech impediment and also features a young Princess Elizabeth. The Queen was given a private screening of the film in Sandringham and sources have said she found the portrayal "moving".

Screenwriter David Seidler, who was asked by the Queen Mother to delay writing the script, said approval from the Queen was the ultimate honour.

"When her mother asked me 30 years ago to wait, because the memory of these events were still too painful, I understood the intense feelings that were involved," he said. "And now that the film has been written and made with love, and respect, and admiration, the fact that Her Majesty has recognised this is incredibly and wonderfully gratifying."

The Weinstein Company said:
“On behalf of the director Tom Hooper; the producers, Iain Canning, Emile Sherman, Gareth Unwin; Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter and our entire ensemble cast: we are deeply honored and humbled by Her Majesty’s appreciation of the film,” Harvey Weinstein said in a statement Friday. “It was a labor of love for all of us and this is high praise, indeed.”

I'm so pleased for Seidler and director Tom Hooper who have laboured so long for this film,
attempting to due the story justice and now to know that the Queen approves their efforts!

Photo of Seidler: Alberto E. Rodriguez



  1. I'm sick of this story being repeated again and again. It isn't true. It comes from the Daily Mail and they will not say who told them. Just an "inside source" like tabloids use whenever they want to talk about Brad and Angelina secretly breaking up. It doesn't come from anyone in the royal family or who works for the Queen. I would bet money that she has not seen it and will not see it for a while. The Queen herself rarely sees recent movies and she is very sensitive about her father. Prince Charles has probably seen it. After it has been out a while and she can get a copy without causing any attention (either by taping it off TV or having a DVD ordered) she probably will see it. Assuming whichever members of her family have seen it put in a good word.

    On the off chance she has seen it, no one she trusts enough to confide in about how she feels about the movie would dare sell that information to the Daily Mail.

  2. Elysabetha,
    Sources also include BBC News and The Weinstein company themselves! I did NOT quote The Daily Mail.

  3. Well I would like to think that it is true - it is certainly a wonderful film - better even than I had expected!!

    It is a respectful and affectionate portrayal so there is every reason for the Royal family to be happy with it

    Jem xXx

  4. How awesome! The move was amazing and I was wondering if the queen approved it or not. So glad she liked it and I hope the movie swipes all the Oscars!!!! Thanks for being such a great resource Charleybrown!

  5. *sigh* It is a great film isn't it?

    @Samantha, you're welcome!



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