Downton Abbey - Season 2!

Downton Abbey will return:
ITV (UK) - Sept 18, 2011 and on PBS (USA) - Jan. 8, 2012

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(collage image found here)

~ New cast members ~

(L-R: Kennedy, Glen, Boyle
Macaninch, Nuttall, Pirrie)

Maria Doyle Kennedy (The Tudors) as Vera Bates (wife of John Bates)
Iain Glen (Spooks, Wives & Daughters) as Sir Richard Carlisle
Zoe Boyle (Sons of Anarchy) as Miss Lavinia Swire
Cal Macaninch (Wild At Heart, Holby Blue) as Lang, a new valet
Amy Nuttall (Emmerdale Farm, Hotel Babylon) as new housemaid Ethel
Daniel Pirrie is listed as Major Bryant (3 episodes)

TOP: Nicholas Blatt as Brookes
Christine Lohr as Mrs Bird (returning character)
Clare Calbraith as Jane Moorsum
Michael Cochrane (unspecified)
BOTTOM: Tom Feary-Campbell as Captain Smiley
Trevor White as Patrick Gordon
Lachlan Nieboer as Lieutenant Edward Courtenay
Kevin McNally (husband of Phyllis Logan (Mrs. Hughes) will play father of soldier)

more cast members here

~ Cast members in Christmas special ~
Nigel Havers will play Lord Hepworth
Sharon Small will play Marigold Shore
(maid to Lady Rosamond played by Samantha Bond)

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  1. Squee! New Downtonians! I can't wait. And so nice to see some familiar faces too. Oh, it will be a long year, won't it Cheryl?

    Good thing we have a few distractions in the meantime.

  2. Maybe I'm just pathetic, but I'm already imagining different stories for them all. I do wonder if that new Lavinia person might get in the way of Mary and Matthew (I already don't like her! LOL!)

  3. Does this mean we have to wait longer to see resolution for Bates and Anna? *Sniff* I like them so much!

    I have had to stay home from work all week because I have been miserably sick, and you're blog has helped immensely with all its period delights :)

  4. Anon - I had the exact same thought abut Lavinia! Glad I'm not the only one disliking her already. :) Now just watch her have a completely different story line and become one of my favorite characters.

  5. Yes, I have my theories, too! I "think" that they are going have Matthew marry, epecially with a war coming on, he might also enlist. And the woman he marries is going to be so perfectly sweet and loveable, that it will drive Cousin Mary insane. However, naturally Matthew's new wife is going to die in some tragic accident. What can I say, the writers have not been at all original with the stories so far. That is my main complaint with Downton Abbey.

  6. I really hope Matthew doesn't marry ANYONE BUT MARY!!! It just won't be the same, if he marries someone else, even if she dies and then he marries Mary.

    Mary and Matthew are so my OTP so marrying anyone else is like breaking the cardinal rules of true love! LOL!!!!

    I really really don't like Lavinia now. I also think someone really sweet and innocent and perfect would bore Matthew silly - who would he argue with?

  7. Poor Lavinia, yet to say a word and already a target of dislike from some of us! But I agree, it just wouldn't be the same if Matthew married someone else. Though if he does, this might be the only time I look forward to the coming of the Spanish Flu, evil as that may be!

    Speaking of other marriages though, any thoughts on the chances of Mary becoming engaged/married to Evelyn Napier? I thought it was interesting they brought him back in the last episode where IIRC he said something along the lines of "it's very important to me you know it wasn't me spreading rumors." Foreshadowing that he still is interested in Mary? Perhaps he'll offer for her when faced with the possibility of dying at war?

  8. I definetely think Evelyn will come back - it was just too much of a plot device in the last episode.

    I hope if he does propose, Mary says no. It could be a way of her proving her love for Matthew!

    And yes, if Matthew does Mary someone else (even Sybil!!) I will aso be pleased about the outbreak of the Spainish influenza...

  9. If Matthew does marry someone else i will be really annoyed. Completely forgot about the spanish flu coming at this point, it will be a real twist in the storyline. I think these officers that are coming to the second series might cause some trouble with the crawley sisters, who knows. The one thing I really hate about Mary is how in the last episode she didnt go with her feelings and let her aunt rosamund interfere. Hahah... still cracking up after maggie smith's line 'put that in your pipe and smoke it' LOL :D

  10. Here's Downton Abbey series 2 new teaser from TVscoop:

    it seems like Matthew's engaged with the Zoe Boyle's character. I hope he will still end up with Lady Mary.

  11. It will be hard to watch Downton Abbey if Bates and Anna do not get together/ have a happy relationship and something bad happens to Branson.
    @Read the Book

  12. I just cannot wait!! I simply loved season 1, and I absolutely won't miss season 2. With the WWI, things will get rough...

  13. I disagree with everyone about Matthew and Mary. She is a bully and a snob who consistently makes bad decisions (if she makes them at all). I do agree with everyone about Bates and Anna. They are both lovely people with true moral compasses and deserve a happy ending. That being said, I realize there aren't always happy endings and if there were, this would be an insufferable story. I'll just continue watching my DVR copy of the series in order to make waiting until January more bearable.

  14. Watch Downton Abbey season 2 episode 1 at Type Downton Abbey in the Search box then clink on the links to the videos

  15. I'm loving series 2 and don't mind the new' fast pace'... If you're looking for a laugh and an alternative take on the great series, check out The Daily News "Downtown (sic!) Abbey..." Read it here:

  16. Thanks for providing this series...really great and i enjoy a lot when i was seeing this series



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