Dakota Fanning to play Princess Margaret in "Girls' Night Out"

Dakota Fanning to portray teenaged Princess Margaret in Girls' Night Out, inspired by true events of V.E. Day in 1945 in a film directed by Michael Hoffman (The Last Station).

From Variety: "Girls' Night Out," which will begin production at the end of the year, sees Fanning play a teenage Princess Margaret on V.E. Day in 1945. When she and her sister Elizabeth are allowed out from Buckingham Palace for one night to join in the celebrations, the night encompasses thrills, romance and danger.

Story, inspired by true events, is penned by Trevor De Silva.
Casting for Princess Elizabeth will be announced shortly.

The film is produced by Ecosse's Robert Bernstein and Douglas Rae, who have a long-standing relationship with HanWay. The two outfits have previously collaborated on pics such as "
Brideshead Revisited," "Becoming Jane," "Nowhere Boy" and Andrea Arnold's upcoming adaptation of "Wuthering Heights."
By: Diana Lodderhose

Can I just say that I hate the title? (Reminds me of a brainless teen flick ...or worse) Not sure if they're approaching this as a serious biopic since it's also being referred to as a romantic fairytale?


  1. I have to agree, I hate the title as well. It sounds too...nightclub-y sexual-y.

  2. I hope her accent is good. I suppose they are trying to make it appeal to Americans by casting Miss Fanning. She is a very good actress, so let's hope she does a good job.
    Any idea who will be playing Princess Elizabeth? Dare we hope that she will be a Brit?

    I agree about the title too. Maybe that's just a "Working Title". I couldn't resist the pun.

  3. Let's hope it is a "Working Title"! If not, I'll be emailing the producers and pointing out that they might be misunderstood for another type of film!

    Thought I read that Elizabeth is to be announced soon...

  4. I guess that's the point, a "modern" title to an "old" story, some sort of contrast. At least, I hope so! But I can't imagine a brunette Dakota Fanning...

  5. I have to admit I like the title. It's both ironic and dead on. For once in their lives, the girls were out of the palace on their own. It was a huge deal for them, I'll bet. Oh yeah, it was VE day. Another huge deal.

    Sounds like 90% of the story will be imaginary, inspired by "what if...." but looks like fun anyway. Roman Holiday revisited.



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