The Mystery of Edwin Drood (2011)

"BBC to provide answer to Charles Dickens' final mystery"

Casting news includes familiar faces to period drama: Tamzin Merchant, Matthew Rhys, Alun Armstrong, Rory Kinnear, Julia Mackenzie and Freddie Fox (King Louis in upcoming Musketeers remake and is the son of Edward Fox and Joanna David)
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"The BBC is about to finally provide an answer and expose the murderer, in a new adaptation of Charles Dickens' unfinished novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, to be screened this summer.

Dickens died in 1870, exhausted by overwork and his gruelling public performances, before he could reveal all.

He had finished two-thirds of the book, and caused Drood to vanish in mysterious circumstances, when the author had a stroke on 8 June and died the following day without regaining consciousness, leaving only a sketchy outline for the remainder of the novel.

The story will be completed this time by the film and television script writer Gwyneth Hughes, responsible for last year's acclaimed BBC serial Five Days.

The BBC is not revealing Hughes' final twist of the plot, but the hot money must be on John Jasper, the opium-addled uncle and choirmaster at Cloisterham cathedral – a scantily disguised Rochester in Kent, near Dickens' last home at Gad's Hill, whose cathedral, castle and narrow streets appear in many of his books."

"Edwin Drood is one of a string of Dickens adaptations the BBC is launching as part of its Year of Books season, in advance of next year's bicentenary of the author's birth. The season will include a BBC1 dramatisation of Great Expectations, and Radio 4 versions of A Tale of Two Cities and Martin Chuzzlewit."

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  1. Thanks for the update! I just purchased Drood by Dan Simmons but have yet to open it and read such a lengthy book. It will be curious to see what similarities they might have.

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  3. I had a typo in my previous comment and I'm a grammar snob.

    I thought it was established that an alien was the murderer...

    (Tee hee hee... Doctor Who, Season 1 with Christopher Eccleston, The Unquiet Dead -- when the Doctor and Rose meet Charlie Dickens)

  4. I am so excited!!! This is one of my favorite books by Charles Dickens! I usually can't stand books that have no ending but this book is so well written and enthralling that I couldn't put it down and just tried to make up my own ending! I can't wait to see what BBC does with this fantastic book!

  5. I'm so excited about this one, as Edwin Drood is one of my favourites by Dickens and the previous BBC adaptation, starring Robert Powell, was a disappointment. Also looking forward to the new Great Expectations!

  6. Judy and Anon,
    Glad to hear that it's a favoured book! I'd not heard of it since I'm not familiar with Dickens other than the adaptations that have already been produced. Encouraged by your enthusiasm for this particular novel!

  7. Feb 27 2011
    Will this be on BBC channel for us to watch in the states any sometime this year please? Like to have more information about this movie or show on bbc please? thanks Elizabeth Osborne

  8. eaelizabeth,
    I only know what is posted above at present but I assume it will air in the UK for Christmas 2011 and possibly be part of PBS Masterpiece in 2012 although I've not heard anything as of yet regarding PBS.

  9. We've got casting news!



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