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I'm absolutely in awe of the Edwardian fashion shown in Downton Abbey and have since discovered other beautiful (and some not so beautiful) outfits from that era. Some of the dresses are breathtakingly gorgeous and yet some of the designs and colours are just not to my taste...

LOVE these!
Worn by Queen Maud of Norway circa 1910-1913

Lady Sybil turned heads in Downton Abbey when she walked in sporting pantaloons instead of an anticipated new dress. Although this scene in the series took place in 1913, it was not the first time that harem pants were seen. Charles Frederick Worth introduced such a costume in 1870 (shown on left above).

Description of Worth's pantaloons (The Met) - This Turkish style costume exhibits the European and American fascination with Turkish dress which stems from the 18th century and endured throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries. This trend culminated in 1911 with Paul Poiret's "harem" pants and Turkish themed fancy dress ball, "1002nd Night." This particular pair of Turkish trousers combined with its elaborately embroidered fashionable bodice, is appropriate for a fancy dress ball and indicates the lengths that people would go to for this type of costume event. Owning an expensive Worth fancy dress ball ensemble would have been the epitome of distinction and extravagance.

Sources: most of these images found through Victoria &Albert Collections and The Metropolitan Museum of Art Other sources include: Fashion-Era, Victoriana.com, Costumer's Manifesto, Edwardianera, Defunct Fashion, The Ladies Treasury, Across the Ages, Vintage Textile, Historical Fashion, Wear It Again Sam

Edwardian fashion in Downton Abbey:
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Period Fashion: Mourning dress, FASHION INDEX

_________ Image gallery of fashion 1900 - 1915 __________

1913 / 1912

1910 / 1914

1913 Meyer Jonasson / 1915 from Wear it Again Sam

1900-1905 Worth ballgown

1898-1902 negligée /1900-02/1900-05

1900-05 / 1900-03 / 1900-03 Rouff

1900-1905 Jacques Doucet / 1900 Gustave Beer / 1900 Worth

1901-1905 / 1902 / 1902 coat Worth

1902 Worth / 1903 Worth / 1905

1905-07 French / 1905 deshabille / 1905

1905 / 1905 House of Redfern / 1905 Vintage Textile

1905 tea gown Worth / 1905 / 1905

1906 smoking suit / 1907 / 1907 American

1908 / 1908-10 Worth / 1908 Callot Soeurs

1908 / 1908 Worth / 1909 Worth

1910 bridesmaid / 1910 Callot Soeurs / 1910

1910 Callot Soeurs / 1910 French / 1910 Irish lace jacket

1910 Vintage Textile / 1910 / 1910 suit

1910 / 1910 Worth / 1910 Worth

1910 / 1910 / 1910 lace jacket

1911 / 1911 evening dress French / 1912-13 French

1912-14 American / 1912-15 / 1912-14 Paul Poiret

1912 French ...

1912 French Butard / 1912 French / 1912 Irish

1912 jacket / 1912 Paquin / 1912 Poiret

1912 / 1912 Vintage textile / 1913 promenade suit

1913 / 1914 Callot Soeurs / 1915


  1. I am in love with most of those dresses...I should have been born 100 years ago LOL!

    XOXO~ Renee

    1. Me TOOOOO and...get the money to buy them...!!!

  2. Oh geez. I'm already lusting over the Edwardian era dresses due to Downtown Abbey...the last thing I need is more temptation to sew one! :D Thanks for digging up these gorgeous pictures - I absolutely adore the red Queen Maud one!

  3. amazing dresses!!
    thanks for sharing!!
    greetings marijke

  4. These dresses are stunning. Where did you find all these pictures? I should make an Edwardian fashion post on my blog. :)

  5. aaauuuggghh!!! Thanks for posting! I loved the first 2 as well. You have convinced me to see Downtown Abbey!

  6. Beautiful dresses! The first picture is my favorite!

  7. I'd never been much of a fan of Edwardian dress until I started watching Downton Abbey. Maybe it makes a difference if the woman can wear it well and it doesn't look frumpy.

  8. Gosh! They are stunning!
    I knew very little about the Edwardian era in fashion and...now I wanna know much more.
    I dont like the twenties look much, I have to say I much prefer this style!
    Off to researching! :D
    TY for this post!

  9. Love your pics and fashion Thank You so much for posting check out www.fleurdelee.net for PERIOD JEWELRY made especially for you..VINTAGE MADE NEW

  10. They are all so fashionable and the colors gorgeous! It's just a pity they aren't the fad today.

    I seriously should have lived in the Edwardian time period.

  11. Love these images. Great post!

  12. Oh my, lovelovelove all the glorious details - truly heavenly.

  13. I wonder if and when these fashions will return.

  14. Absolutely gorgeous! I have always admired Queen Maud's (Princess Maud of Wales, daughter of Edward VII and Alexandra of Denmark) taste! There was an exhibit and the V&A for awhile with her clothing, shoes, accessories. Does anyone know what happened to it?

  15. I am absolutely fascinated with Edwardian and Victorian Fashion and style. I wish I could find someone to make me outfits.I told my son last night I would wear them everyday.He kinda laughed, but responded with curiosity as to how I would dress myself as so everyday with all of those layers, *smiles*

  16. These are beautiful. I almost can't look too long at them because otherwise I'd want them too much. :)



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