With Gratitude, I Bid Thee Farewell

When I began posting about my favourite period dramas on Enchanted Serenity almost 4 years ago, I had no idea of the adventure that lay ahead of me. What started out as a simple way for me to collect information of beloved dramas and find out more about upcoming films has developed into so much more. It has been wonderful to interact with others who also love period dramas, fashion, literature, art, etc. - all things from the days of old! In fact, there are so many who share these interests that it is difficult to find the time to pay a visit to their blogs and stay updated! My apologies!

As much as I love period dramas and the connection I've felt with those who share this passion, I have for some time now felt convicted that I need to step back from the blog. I’ve tried to curtail the time I spend exploring the past so that I can attend to real life in the present but after praying about it, I feel peaceful about my decision to ‘retire’ for the time being.

Enchanted Serenity will not be taken down. If it is found to be useful, I would love for fans of period drama to continue to use the information gathered. For the time being, I will continue to update the Facebook page "Period Movies" regarding upcoming films.

Thank you to all who have stopped by, commented and e-mailed! It has been so comforting and a delight to know that those of us who love this genre of films are not alone!

Cheryl / Charleybrown

Downton Abbey: What is a weekend?

The Dowager asked the question, 
so now here's a look at how the folks at Downton really spend their down time...

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Downton Abbey - Season 3

Here are some of the comments posted on Twitter from various press from TCA Press Tour - July 21, 2012:

Maggie Smith & Shirley MacLaine's scenes look like they're going to be highly quotable, to put it mildly.

These Downton Abbey clips are killing it. The critics are cheering & applauding, which does not happen here.

"There have been so many parodies, I think we should do one ourselves" says Michelle Dockery

 "I'm Lady Mary. I'm really happy about it." - Coyle when asked if any of the cast had taken the Which Downton Character Are You? quiz.

'A lad in my son's playground came up to me & said, I don't like that Thomas': How Hugh Bonneville knew Downton Abbey was a phenomenon.

Brendan Coyle said he felt a "real thud" in his heart when he read the script about Bates' verdict.

"None! I'm a raving lunatic." - Elizabeth McGovern on whether she shares traits with Cora. "She's right" - Shirley MacLaine.

Apparently Joanne Froggatt reads @DowntonAbbey scripts frantically thinking "What happens to us? What happens to us?!"

Joanne Froggatt says she was devastated when she read script and found that Mr. Bates was found guilty.

Trailer for #DowntonPBS season three draws audible gasps from the room!

"However small the dog's part, it's not as small as Hugh (Bonneville) would like it." - Julian Fellowes

Bonneville joked that Isis the dog has been downgraded from leading role in the Christmas Special after "many demands about kennel size."

Why is Downton Abbey so popular? Julian Fellowes says "the real answer? "We haven't a clue"

Hugh Bonneville just ripped open his shirt to reveal a "Free Bates" t-shirt.

Julian Fellowes won't reveal if that disfigured soldier was really Patrick Crawley from season 2.

"Colloquial language is much older than we think... I haven't yet found a complaint that was correct." - Fellowes on language anachronisms.

Period Dramas Sorted by Historical Era

Looking for a period drama to watch?
Here are over 1100 films, sorted by era...

Ancient Period Dramas (4000 B.C - 500)
(such as: Jesus of Nazareth, Ben Hur, Troy,
The Ten Commandments, The Nativity Story and Cleopatra)

Medieval Period Dramas (500-1500)
(such as: Lord of the Rings, King Arthur, Tristan and Isolde,
The Princess Bride, A Knight's Tale and Robin Hood)

Renaissance Period Dramas (1400-1600)
(such as: Ever After, Shakespeare in Love, 1492, Elizabeth and The Other Boleyn Girl)

Baroque Period Dramas (1600-1750)
(such as: Pirates of the Caribbean, Le Roi Soleil, The Three Musketeers,
Vatel, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, Lost in La Mancha)

Georgian Period Dramas (1714-1830)
(such as: The Aristocrats, Amazing Grace, Marie Antoinette,
John Adams, The Duchess and The Scarlet Pimpernel)

[Note: Jane Austen adaptations listed specifically in Regency era below]

Regency Period Dramas (1811-1820)
(such as: Pride and Prejudice, Bright Star, Persuasion,
Emma, and Sense and Sensibility)

Victorian Period Dramas (1837-1901)
(such as: The Young Victoria, Daniel Deronda, Little Women, Little House on the Prairie,
The Buccaneers, North and South, The Inheritance and Mrs. Brown)

[Considering that Queen Victoria's reign was so long,
this is the largest group of films sorted by era including almost 300 period dramas!]

Edwardian Period Dramas (1901-1914)
(such as: Downton Abbey, The Lost Prince, The Importance of Being Earnest,
Titanic, My Fair Lady, Anne of Green Gables)

Post-Edwardian Period Dramas (1915-1960s)
(such as: The Ladies in Lavender, The Remains of the Day, The Magic of Ordinary Days,
The Sound of Music, The Painted Veil, Foyle's War)

The above is solely a visual list of movies from each era.
The Film Index lists those period films which have been featured in greater detail.

Please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list. I have included mainly those that I've seen myself and/or those that are suitable for most audiences. I know that plenty of you have favourite dramas that might be missing from this list (sorry!) but I've tried to include a good selection of the quantity of period films available out there!
(Many are available to watch online.)

Downton Abbey Christmas Special

2 hour episode will air Christmas Day on ITV
and in February on PBS

From newly released Press Pack:
Hugh Bonneville
got to dance with Phyllis Logan at the Servant’s Ball and recounts with much hilarity the dance lessons, “Myself and Phyllis took to it like a duck to water, and in fact we had an off screen dancing competition and it was clear from the outset we would win Strictly Come Downton.” But did he tread on any toes? “Well I think toes are overrated and indeed Phyllis is now out of intensive care and is looking forward to a fully fit 2012.” But the couple he did enjoy watching were Rob James-Collier and Maggie Smith. “They were a sight to behold, it was a joy - poetry in motion.”

Disappointing news for some fans, Lady Sybil and Branson will not be seen in the Christmas special as Jessica Brown Findlay and Allen Leech are not listed in the cast list.

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Post-Edwardian Films - Gallery 3 of 3

This is the final instalment of period dramas sorted by era which covers all the great films that take place during the war years (WW1 and WW2) and beyond including those that take us up to the Sixties. [over 200 films from the 20th century]

Part 1 [A to H] ... Part 2 [I to S]... Part 3 [T to W]

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