Old-Fashioned Christmas (2010)

Speaking of Louisa May Alcott, I just found out from Laurie that a new tv movie debuts tonight! An Old-Fashioned Christmas is the next chronicle in the saga that began with Alcott’s short story, An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving.


Just days before Christmas in 1870, Isabella Caldwell travels with her granddaughter Tilly Bassett to Ireland so the wealthy grandmother can teach Tilly, a talented writer, the nuances of character development and refined living. She also hopes her old friend, the Earl of Shannon, can assist Tilly in getting her work published. Tilly secretly agrees to go on the trip so she can meet her paternal grandfather Sean Bassett, a meager potato farmer, who has a long feud with Isabella since their children wed. When Isabella and Tilly arrive at the Shannon Castle, it becomes quickly clear the Shannons are in dire financial straits, and Lady Shannon has a plan – her rebellious son Cameron will marry Tilly Bassett and inherit Isabella’s vast wealth. One minor detail creates a conundrum for Lady Shannon – Tilly is engaged to an American boy, Gad. Soon, a collision of events finds Tilly and Isabella without lodging on Christmas Eve, and Isabella must put aside her grudge and turn to Sean for help before Christmas is ruined.

Premieres December 11, 2010 - 8 pm
Remaining Hallmark airdates for 2010 Christmas Season:
Dec. 12 - 8 pm / Dec. 17 - 8 pm / Dec. 18 - 2 pm / Dec. 27 - 6 am & 8 pm

Jacqueline Bisset/Isabella

Catherine Steadman/Tilly

Leon Ockenden/Cameron

Kristopher Turner /Gad Hopkins

Promo trailer:

Watch: Behind the Scenes video

I haven't yet watched An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving
but glad to hear about both films on Old Fashioned Charm.
Thanks Laurie!


  1. Just want to let you know that I'm becoming a rabid period drama lover, and you're to blame. :D

    Thanks for keeping all of us so up-to-date!

  2. I'm so glad you were able to use this bit of news I posted! Thanks so much for mentioning me and my blog in your post!
    I'm really very excited about this film, it looks delightful!

    You should give this disease a name like "Period Drama Sillyosis" or "Period Drama Syndrome" (PDS for short)! haha! If it were a real disease, I've got it! :)

  3. How about "Period Movie Syndrome"? It will have a better connotation for PMS!

    Glad to link to you Laurie!

  4. I just re-watched the original on American Thanksgiving, glad to hear about the sequel. Thank you!

  5. Katharine, I'm glad you've already seen the Thanksgiving movie! I'm hoping to watch it soon!

  6. Thank you for alerting me to watch for this movie. I enjoy Louisa May Alcott's stories and the TV/movie adaptations. I was able to watch the last part of this last night - what I saw was good - and hope to see it in its entirety soon!

  7. Hello, watched this movie over the holidays and loved it! There is a plaid gown Ms Steadman wears while decorating the tree. Are there any photos available? Photos of any of the gowns? Thank you.



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