My Top Movies of 2010

What have been your favourite movies of the year?

With 2010 drawing to a close, I felt like making a list of my "Top 10 Movies of the Year" but as per usual, I have a hard time narrowing it down to 10 so here's a list of my (17) favourites of the past year! They're in random order but I have to say that my Top 3 would have to be The King's Speech, Downton Abbey and From Time to Time simply because I followed them with eager anticipation for sooo long and they surpassed my expectations! I've also included some favourite movies that aren't period dramas but they featured actors known for this genre or are adaptations of classics.

The King's Speech
LOVED this! Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush were a pure joy to watch! The film was a great animation of a moment in history shedding new light on events. Read my review here.

Downton Abbey
What can I say? There are 39 posts on my blog regarding Downton. Enough said!

From Time to Time
Sweet film. Made me cry.
Maggie Smith, Alex Etel & Hugh Bonneville are wonderful.

This film was one of the best I've seen in a long time. Captured me and didn't let go.
I connected with it for personal reasons and was completely moved!

Preferred this to Bride & Prejudice which missed the mark for me (and my daughter).
We both preferred this cheesy Bollywood remake of Jane Austen's Emma (akin to Clueless).

I do hope Robert Duvall gets an Oscar nod for this film so it will get more notice.
Great performances by entire cast including the charms of Bill Murray!

Couldn't be in London for the live performance but that didn't stop me from being thrilled to bits to see the broadcast of this event at the cinema! "I Dreamed a Dream"...♫♪♫

Going Postal
This one was so much fun! I wasn't aware of Terry Pratchett's novels
but I was highly entertained by Claire Foy, Richard Coyle, Charles Dance and cast!

The next 4 dramas have to do with my fascination
with Dorothy of Oz & Alice of Wonderland!

Tin Man
Finally had a chance to watch this SyFy version of Oz and loved its quirkiness!

Saw Wicked for 4th time with my daughter for a special getaway to Toronto.
Jackie Burns was awesome as Elphaba the Wicked (or is she?) Witch of the West!

SyFy's Alice
Similar to Tin Man but liked this one even more! Primarily impressed
with Caterina Scorsose as Alice and Matt Frewer stole the show as the White Knight!

Alice in Wonderland
Loved the music and the buildup to this film. Fun adaptation!

The Fall
Visually stunning! Unusual story with Lee Pace and adorable newcomer Catinca Untaru!

Last Station
Christopher Plummer, Helen Mirren, James McAvoy...
all gave solid performances! I do love biopics!

Hmm, not a period film but all of these actors have been in period dramas.
Loved having my mind played with and eager to see it again!

500 days of Summer
Such a cute film. Loved Zooey Deschanel. And her outfits.
Great seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a leading role!

The Girl in the Cafe
Bill Nighy fascinates me. Awesome performance.
Kelly Macdonald was perfect as the idealist to challenge the status quo.

Which movies impressed you this past year?


  1. I haven't seen most of these, but I just found From Time To Time on YouTube, watched it yesterday and LOVED it! What an incredibly cool story with such wonderful actors and delicious period drama goodness! I hope to do a review of it soon!
    I do really want to see The King's Speech and Going Postal is also on my to-see list.
    Thanks for a great year of period dramas! This is one of my favorite places to come, it just feels like home! :)

  2. Since you like Oz, I just found out that a new movie is coming out in Feb 2011 in the US, The Witches of Oz... Here is the official blog:

    Just thought I would pass along the info... To me, it looks pretty good... Just not sure if it will be in theaters, SyFy, or on some network... but the cast list looks pretty hot...

  3. I finally got to see The King's Speech yesterday and posted a review on my site - I absolutely ADORED it. SUCH a brilliant film. Happy New Year!

  4. Laurie and Ruth, makes me smile when I think of you seeing King's Speech! Thanks for your comments through the year!

    Robbi, yes I did know about that one! The director has stated different release dates on facebook so still waiting for confirmation!

  5. I really want to see The King's Speech as I love period films, but my favorite film and of the year and the past ten years is Black Swan, it is set in our times but has some lovely ballet costumes.



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