Lark Rise to Candleford

If there's one period drama that has been mentioned to me the most frequently (or scolded for not featuring on this blog), it's Lark Rise to Candleford! So let me hereby officially enter LRTC into the "Enchanted Serenity archives" as a period drama that comes highly recommended! (To clarify, I have seen a few episodes of the first season and have had the best of intentions to catch up to date, so hopefully with this new year I'll make that happen!)

From Wikipedia: Adapted by the BBC from Flora Thompson's trilogy of semi-autobiographical novels about the English countryside, published between 1939 and 1943. The series is set in the small Oxfordshire hamlet of Lark Rise and the wealthier neighbouring market town of Candleford towards the end of the 19th century. In Season Two, episode 17, the date carved on the new clock tower in Candleford is 1895. The series chronicles the daily lives of farm workers, craftsmen, and gentry, observing the characters in loving, boisterous, and competing communities of families, rivals, friends, and neighbours.

The narrative is seen through the eyes of a teenage girl, Laura Timmins (Olivia Hallinan), as she leaves Lark Rise to start a new life under the wing of her cousin, the independent and effervescent Dorcas Lane (Julia Sawalha), who is Post Mistress at the local Post Office in Candleford. Through these two characters, viewers experience the force of friendship as Laura and Dorcas see each other through the best and worst of times.

** Season 4: Begins January 9 on BBC **
Gabriel (Richard Harrington) joins the cast
BBC Official Site
Unofficial fansite

Laura Timmins (Olivia Hallinan)

Emma & Robert Timmins (Claudie Blakley & Brendan Coyle)

Dorcas Lane (Julia Sawalha)

Pearl & Ruby Pratt ( Matilda Ziegler & Victoria Hamilton)

Sir Timothy Midwinter (Ben Miles)

Lady Adelaide Midwinter (Olivia Grant)

Zillah (Liz Smith)

Caroline Arless (Dawn French)

Robert (Brendan Coyle) will not be seen in Season 4,
we presume he was busy being Lord Crawley's valet at Downton Abbey...


  1. I love Lark Rise to Candleford! It's probably one of the best TV shows that I've seen in years!

  2. I saw my first episode of Lark Rise to Candleford while on a trip to London, and I immediately Netflixed the first two series. I found it refreshing to see a series about the ordinary lives of middle and lower class Victorians in a small town toward the end of the century. Julia Sawalha, who I only knew from her work in Ab Fab, was a revelation as Dorcas. I look forward to watching th 3rd season.

  3. Elizabeth, have you not seen Julia Sawalha in Pride & Prejudice as well? I admire how she plays such different roles with such success!

  4. Yay! LRtoC is such a great TV series! I watched the first three seasons on YouTube and just couldn't stop watching until I finished them all! I look forward to this fourth season!

  5. I received the third series of Lark Rise to Candleford on dvd for Christmas and watched it virtually non stop! Such a great show.

    Brendan Coyle really is great when he plays these loving, hardworking men with a strong moral compass. Between North & South, Lark Rise, and Downton Abbey, he has kind of cornered the market!

    (Great blog... just found it this past weekend!)

  6. Looking forward to the new series! Finally! Hey, Ms Mahon, I've seen Julia Sawalha play two other roles magnificantly. She was Lydia Bennett in "Pride and Prejudice" and Mercy Pecksniff in "Martin Chuzzlewit", both fantastic to watch.

  7. Thanks Melanie! I really do need to catch up on the series because I discovered something on BBC's website that I didn't want to know because I'm not there yet!

  8. Isn't Dorcas the aunt of Laura (I think Dorcas and Laura's mother are cousins)? Anyway, it's a great series! You should definitely watch it in whole!

  9. Alexander,
    Yes, Dorcas is the cousin of Laura's mother making it her cousin once removed, not her aunt. And I do plan to watch because I'm continually running into spoilers which I hate!

  10. Brendan Coyle is Lord Crawley's valet in Downton Abbey -- not his butler. Also,the fathers of Dorcas and Emma were brothers, so Dorcas and Emma are first cousins.



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