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Here are some of the tidbits that I found on Twitter this past week regarding Downton Abbey, Les Mis, IMDb, Sherlock Holmes, Andrew Davies, Hugh Bonneville, Dan Stevens...

I'm so excited to go to the cinema screening of the
25th anniversary of Les Miserables tomorrow night and was just thinking about Colm Wilkinson who is my definitive Jean Valjean! Happy to hear Lea Solanga (she was Eponine at the 10th, will be Fantine for the 25th) mention on Twitter:

Colm WILL be there. He'll be doing something quite special and sweet.

Anyone else unhappy with IMDb's new layout??!! There's good news in that you can go back to the old design with a couple of clicks! I have to say that I'm so pleased to be using the OLD IMDb!

Some silly journalists in the UK suggested that Keeley Hawes' newly hired mannie resembled her hubby Matthew Macfadyen. *shaking my head in disagreement* Their headline got my attention though - nice pic of the happy couple!
>> Daily Mail

Wishing continued health to Andrew Davies (award winning screenwriter) who has successfully recovered from battling cancer and finished off screenplay for South Riding. Read story

Jared Harris is also joining cast of Sherlock Holmes "2" along with Stephen Fry and Noomi Rapace who've already been announced to be teaming up with Robert Downey Jr.


Questions for Hugh Bonneville...
Q: Does Hugh wish that Tom Hollander were in Downton and if so, for what role? ...could have been a Freezing reunion? (pic on right)
A: A disgruntled claimant, who turns out to be son of disgraced parlourmaid and underfootman, who ran off to join the circus.
A: Every time Elizabeth and I did a scene in Downton we expected Tom to pop up and complain that we were being boring!

Q: Hugh, do you get recognised alot from Notting Hill?
A: Yes but quite often people think I am Paul Burrell or Will Carling!

Q: Do you enjoy playing the Austen roles that you've done?
A: I couldn't play any character I loathe, so yes I've enjoyed Austen-related parts as much as any.

Q: What is an ideal role that you would like to play.
A: Incredibly witty, wise, saves the universe and gets the girl. So, maybe Noddy.

Q: You play every role with such passion & commitment. Is there a role or genre you would like to play but have not yet ?
A: A rich sleuth who wears bespoke suits, drives a fast car and is way smarter than the police. Preferably on the Cote d'Azur.

Questions for Dan Stevens...
Q: Tonight you arrive at "the big house" what was it like in reality?
[Dan's character Matthew Crawley visits Downton Abbey with his mother in tonight's episode]

A: Highclere (where we filmed) is genuinely breathtaking. And quite draughty.

Q: Do you remember this scene ? [pic above]
A: That's the scene I mean! We filmed that in a poky attic on a VERY hot day in June. Maggie was not best pleased...

What was it like being on set with Maggie? Many scenes with her?
A: Maggie was amazing. And very funny around the dining table. We have a lovely little scene together in Ep4 I believe.

Q: What was it like playing the outsider who shakes things up at Downton?
A: (seems to be my speciality: outsiders who shake things up!) I came in late to shooting so genuinely felt a bit of an outsider!

and Dan also tweeted:
Well, made it through year one of fatherhood today and I'm on the tellybox tonight. Things are looking up...

so Happy Birthday to your little one!

Some of the Downton Abbey cast playing a prank on Siobhan Finneran

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