Les Miserables - movie is in the works!

Update: Hugh Jackman has been cast as Jean Valjean, Paul Bettany and Russell Crowe have been mentioned for role of Javert

Filming to begin in February 2012

I've been waiting patiently for the movie version of Les Miserables and excited to hear some details confirming that it is indeed in pre-production stages. My hope is that they won't favour a well-known actor over a singer that possesses the talent that the role of Valjean deserves! (One of my pet peeves with casting choices for films)

Roger Friedman, of Showbiz.com points out the tremendous response that Alfie Boe received during the 25th anniversary performance, with a standing ovation after his performance of Bring Him Home. He suggests and I heartily agree that Alfie would be a great candidate to take on the movie role. I don't know how Mackintosh came about casting Alfie for the special performance but I think he'd be brilliant on the big screen!

Some of the mentions about the movie production...

Update: Looks like Tom Hooper (The King's Speech) will direct with filming to begin at end of 2011
From Broadway World - Cameron Mackintosh's reply when asked about why there wasn't yet a movie adaptation of the musical:
"I signed a contract yesterday. And, in fact, the concert at the O2 next week, I'm presenting with Universal Pictures and it's huge -- with over 500 in the cast and it is being simultaneously screened to over a 1000 cinemas around the world - including Spain. It's been a long time coming, I originally was going to do it after the Broadway opening but mercifully it didn't happen. No film could have been as successful as Les Miserables has been on stage. And now, after 25 years, it seems a very good time to do it. We'll be working with a screenplay writer over the next few months and hopefully if all that comes together, we will find a great director and start."

From Showbiz411, Mackintosh discusses the movie:
“Bill Nicholson is writing the script. But then of course there are choices for directors. We need someone who can reimagine it and open it up. After all, there’s no dialogue. It’s just singing.” We discussed the “Sweeney Todd” movie. “But they always had talking. So we do add talking? Or keep it the way that is?”

From The Stage:
[Cameron Mackintosh] has revealed that work has begun on the screenplay for a Les Miserables film, which he said he hoped would be in cinemas within two to three years.

From The Daily Mail (Nov 25,2010)
Bill Nicholson has nearly completed a screenplay based on the show and it will be delivered to Universal Studios and Working Title before Christmas.

‘Alfie was a revelation in the O2 ­concert and I believe he has the kind of sound we’ll need for the movie. What doesn’t work is shrieking theatre voices,’ Mackintosh confided.

Note: One of the lovely ladies who accompanied me to the screening of the 25th anniversary concert was somewhat annoyed that Alfie broke character during the standing ovation (as he nodded and blew a kiss to acknowledge the crowd). To her I say "pooey"! It was a spontaneous moment that the crowd could not resist and Alfie couldn't help but be gracious! I thought it was one of the highlights of the performance!


  1. I so hope this becomes reality!
    I'm not so sure since Mackintosh has talked about the movie lots of times before this and even had a little ad campaign hyping the upcoming movie as early as in 1991, but I really wish this time it's for real!

    Thanks a lot for this info! I'll be using it to write a little piece about the movie on deviantART. :)

  2. Siiri, I do hope that the current momentum will finally see this movie be made and made well! I like your info at DeviantART!

  3. Please don't cast the 25th Anniversary performer who played Marius. He showed no emotion or ability to act and quite frankly, was not up to it!

  4. I somehow doubt that Webber will cast Nick Jonas in the film but I thought he did a fine job myself.

  5. I have to agree that I hope they do not cast Nick Jonas. His performance was profoundly disappointing.

  6. I hope that Nick Jonas is not picked as Marius he was the only in the O2 production that was terrible Gareth Gates in the Touring production was far superior

  7. I hope they don't cast celebrities in this. Please, no anne hathaway or Glee kids or hugh jackman. Alfie would be great, and the girl who played Eponine in the 25th anniversary show.

  8. Just posted!




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