Lea Michele - Dorothy of Oz & Wicked

Lea Michele to play Dorothy AND the wicked witch? Yes, please.

From Broadway.com, news that Stephen Schwartz is considering Lea for the role of Elphaba in Wicked movie.
"Lea Michele is fantastic and it'd be silly to say she wouldn't be under consideration [for the role of Elphaba]."

Schwartz also revealed to Broadway.com that the movie version may require audiences to put on 3D glasses to see the witches of Oz fly.

"It'll probably be in 3D because that's where all [movies] are going," Schwartz told us. "We're talking to a lot of potential directors, as a lot of people know, and I think we'll make a decision pretty soon." Among the considered directors is
Glee creator Ryan Murphy, who already has experience adapting popular books for film with Running with Scissors and this year's Eat Pray Love. "We like Ryan and had a great meeting with him," Schwartz said of the director. "I've always been a big fan of his."
I love the casting choice of Lea for Elphaba, especially once I came to the realization that Idina Menzel would be too mature to play the part. If I had one wish granted for the Wicked movie, it would be that Lea play the green-skinned wicked Witch of the West! (and also that Idina and Kristin have cameos.)

But Mr. Schwartz, please not in 3D!!! Cast that thought from your mind...

* * * * * * *

In the meantime, Lea is already providing the voice of Dorothy in upcoming animated Dorothy of Oz which is expected to hit theaters in spring of 2012 so if the Wicked role pans out she'll be both Dorothy and her nemesis!


  1. I completely agree with your casting commentary. She'd be a slam-dunk blockbuster success for the film. Hope they cast her!

    But you should reconsider your dislike of 3D. Agreed: corny 3D is useless. But films like Avatar and Up prove that 3D can be used to simply put you into the film, making it feel more natural, instead of more "extra-natural." (You also have to be willing to make sure the theater you go to shows a quality projection: that 's not always guaranteed. Oh, and willing to forget "It Came From Outer Space" 1950s red-green "3D" jokes.)

    And while I'm on this jag, have you seen "Monsters vs. Aliens" in 3D? Or "How To Train Your Dragon"? Both were very fun films that would be delightful in 2D, but used 3D in perfect concert with each movie's tone: the fun just got funner.

    It's all very well to dis things out of a sense of disliking fads or marketing hype. I respect that. But don't stop there. That would be pretty limited thinking. Test those waters. You might just be amazed. And if not, well, that's cool; at least you came into the party and decided for yourself that it wasn't for you.

    (One last thought: I can't imagine anyone without excellent vision - naturally or via correction - being able to enjoy 3D at all. I know a surprising number of people in that category. But that is a shame: there are missing out on so much more than more immersive films.)

    - ZenGeekDad

  2. ZenGeekDad,
    the reason that I don't want it to be in 3D is that I'm one of those people who get nauseous while watching one.

  3. Lea is so perfect for this role, she is such a gifted actress. I agree with not wanting it in 3D, I hate 3D movies, the room always starts spinning for me.



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