Katherine of Alexandria (2011)

Synopsis from official site:
This film tells the true story of Katherine of Alexandria, otherwise known as 'Jabal Ekatherina', whose libraries (which she had opened for the public) were destroyed by Emperor Maxentius, and who was subsequently beheaded following her torture on a wheel of spikes in 333AD.
Katherine is probably best known for the 'Katherine Wheel' firework (also referred to as the 'Pin Wheel') which symbolises the instrument of torture designed to break her. More importantly, she was the first woman of position to publicly denounce Rome's false gods and her eloquent arguments with fifty of Rome's finest scholars in an open court in Alexandria captured the spirits of ordinary people around the world.
It was Katherine's belief in the freedom of faith that led to the eventual collapse of religious persecution under the Romans.
Of the 1200 buildings named after her, the most celebrated is the Monastery of St. Katherine, on the slopes of Mount Sinai, in Egypt. Keeping true to her beliefs, the monastery welcomes all denominations to enter into prayer.
Even as her libraries were being burned prior to her execution, Katherine gave a clear indication that some of her words would survive and had been hidden for future generations. Now, after 1,700 years, a diary (or “little book”) dating back to 333AD and written by 'Jabal Ekatherina' is discovered.
Cast: Nicole Madjarov, Peter O'Toole, Steven Berkoff, William Houston, Joss Ackland, Samantha Beckinsale, Vas Anderson, Clive Fryde, Tony O'Brien
Official site: Katherine of Alexandria


  1. As an Egyptian I'm excited about this. It's about time we had some silver screen acknowledgment of Egyptian women other than Cleopatra. St. Katherine's monastery is a beautiful place and I hope it benefits from this.

  2. Nora, it's great that you've been to St. Katherine's monastery! I love seeing new dramas too especially when they're set in different countries and eras and not just the same recycled dramas again and again. In this case, I'm particularly keen since Katherine of Alexandria is my daughter's patron saint!

  3. Sounds like an excellent, interesting movie. Had not heard of Katherine, so I'll be eager to learn about here before the movie hits.

  4. Jane, that's what I love about these historical dramas in that they draw our attention to figures from history that we might not have known of otherwise!

  5. I am looking forward to what sounds like a great movie about a Christian scholar and a woman from the fourth century. Katherine was a woman and a Christian and she refused to give into the advances of an Emperor who cared for nothing more than destruction and torture and killing all those who criticised him, including members of his own family. He was finally defeated by Constantine and Catherine became honoured for centuries afterwards. Now her life has been made into a film; let us hope that this is the start of a redressing of the balance, as so much these days is anti Christian and anti purity. A Christian movie telling the truth about a Christian woman; makes a change to lets glorify the pagans and destroy the Catholic Church. Let's hope that women everywhere find something to honour in themselves and be proud of by following Catherine and by following the path of scholars instead of the path of self destruction, drugs and having kids before they are eighteen.

  6. I am looking forward so much....St. Catherine is the patron saint of my village in Malta and I named my daughter Katrina! Many here in my village deny her existence but St. Catherine was a great saint and even today she hears our prayers! As we say during the feast in her honour: Viva Santa Katarina!

  7. Hope the film will be released some time or another.. here in Malta we have 2 villages that Saint Catherine is the patron saint of and we celebrate her feast in June in Zejtun Malta , September in Zurrieq Malta and in November 25th both villages .. we are very eagerly waiting for this film that we have been waiting so much for it!

  8. Really looking forward to seeing Katherine of Alexandria when it comes out this year. It sounds like a very worthwhile project, with two of the greatest screen actors in history (O'Toole and Berkoff!)
    It is a shame to see the negative comment in amongst all the excitement, but I suppose that is the nature of the industry. As long as this story is told, the bickering and bitterness will always be secondary!



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