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Diana Boston shares details about her mother-n-law Lucy M. Boston:

"The Chimneys of Green Knowe was published in 1958 (when Lucy M. Boston was 66 years old) and four years after the publication of The Children of Green Knowe, the first in the Green Knowe series. She lived at The Manor at Hemingford Grey from 1939 until her death in 1990. She was on her own, her marriage having failed in 1935. There she created a beautiful garden and, all through the war, gave gramophone record recitals twice a week to officers and men from nearby RAF bases. She also made exquisite patchworks.

She had written a couple of ghost stories and then at the beginning of the 1950s started to think about writing in earnest, mostly for financial reasons, and partly to people the house with a family. The Green Knowe books are based on the house and garden and were illustrated by her son Peter (my late husband) on whom she based Tolly. Lucy wrote about what was here and Peter drew or painted what was here. This makes it very special for visitors to the house and garden who have the chance to walk into the books. It is sometimes difficult for them to separate fact from fantasy!

Lucy also wove into the books some of the history of the house. In 1730 it was doubled in size but the new extension burnt down in 1798 - hence the story of the fire in 'The Chimneys'. When writing this book she spent a couple of days at a school for blind children, talking to them.

After her death in 1990 Peter and I kept the house and opened it to the public. I wrote to Julian Fellowes (probably in 2004) as I was told by a mutual friend that he wanted to make a film based on one of the books. I had also gathered from an article in one of the newspapers that the Green Knowe books had been favourites of his when he was a child. It turned out that the book he particularly wanted to adapt was The Chimneys. At the time the options weren't available. Then, in January 2006, Liz Trubridge contacted me, having read The Chimneys, wanting to know the availability of the options. They had just become available again, so I suggested she should get in touch with Julian Fellowes…and here we are.

I am absolutely thrilled with his adaptation, I think it is a wonderful film which will be enjoyed by all ages."

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