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ITV director of drama Laura Mackie has revealed that Julian Fellowes has already outlined a third series of Downton Abbey - but has warned indies against pitching “clones” of the hit show.

The period drama has already been reordered for an 8 x 60-minute second run and pulled in its biggest audience so far on Sunday with an average of 9.05 million (33.27%) viewers over the 9pm hour.

Mackie revealed that writer Julian Fellowes provided detailed plans for a second and third series when Downton’s first run was ordered - opening up the possibility for a further recommission.

The Gosford Park scribe has already started work on the first episode of the second series, which will feature the characters in the middle of World War I.

But Mackie is not currently hunting for a surfeit of bonnets. “We’re doing more Downton, we have Julian’s Titanic project - that’s a four-part historical piece - and we have a few other things [in development],” she said. “What we absolutely are not looking for is Downton clones.”

However, she added that ITV would be keen to replicate the “scale and event” of Downton. Mackie said that “bringing deficit funding to the table” could make a pitch more attractive.
Carnival Films topped up funding for Downton based on estimated international sales.

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  1. I only recently discovered your blog, and as a die-hard costume-drama fanatic, I absolutely love it! Great to know others love these productions as much as I do! :) I also absolutely love this news of Downton...the other day I was gleeful that Downton got a second series, and now to hear that Jullian is prepping for a third....wheee! I will keep my fingers crossed that we get that much! :)

    Thanks for creating this great site! :)

  2. Thanks Sara!
    Great to meet another fanatic! It seems that there are no lukewarm fans of these dramas - we're all hooked!

  3. I'm really enjoying watching how the first series unfolds. I've missed two episodes (first and third) but it hasn't ruined the watching. Was going to catch up on ITV Player but then things came inbetween. Will see if it's still available.

    You mentioned the hats in a previous post - I really loved the dress that [oh gods, me and names ... Mary, is it? The-one-who-played-Susan-Sto-Helit?] wore. The red one. Beautiful!

    The Nicholas Higgins/Annoying Outlaw Kate (sorry again, I'm really crap with names and that's what I know them as!) pairing is also one that makes my May-December-shippy little heart purr. <3

  4. OMG! I am a massive fan of Downton abbey and wish it was on everyday rather than having to wait a week! Its great to hear about others who are so hooked on it!

  5. Never knew costume porn absolutely existed; I thought I was a closet perv...would love to see close up images of all the amazing jewelry as well. The pieces are so well chosen/designed/made to go with the dresses. A real inspiration. Thank you for all the illustrations!
    Sunniva (New Zealand)



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