The Continuing and Lamentable Saga of The Suicide Brothers

And now for something completely different... well, definitely looks off the beaten path of the stuff of period dramas but features some well-known faces.
Rupert Friend, Tom Mison and Keira Knightley in a short film (8:30 minutes) that will be available on Itunes.

"It's got an amusing stop-motion animated effect going on with its snowy exterior shots as the brothers make their way to a small barn where they attempt to kill themselves every day at two in the afternoon. This includes a failed hanging and a misfiring pistol to the face. It's all rather darkly comic and it's more of a mood piece than anything else. Knightley plays a fairy that lives with the boys and is frustrated by their suicide attempts and the fact they pay her no mind. It's entirely dialogue free." Rope of Silicon

My favourite quote: Tom Mison's deadpan delivery of how he and Rupert ended up with their fashion choice. "I think we'd both felt we'd look good in liederhosen...I've got nice calves."

Behind the scenes...

Thanks to fabulosida for link to video!


  1. My favorite quote is the first thing Tom Mison says: "The Suicide Brothers is about how fate will work so hard to convince you that he's your friend, & the moment you trust him, he'll spit in your drink." Well that and how it's a shame the Brownlee Bros are Canadian. :)

    Seriously, though, I saw this film at the New Hampshire Film Festival and it was fantastic. Surreal, funny and heartbreaking. It's really an excellent piece of filmaking.

  2. Lizzie, glad to hear that you liked it! I didn't know that it had already premiered.

  3. Oh and I just noticed that you run Tom's fan site! I'm a fan too but I'm sure not as dedicated as yourself!

  4. It played the festival circuit for the past year, so it's been on my radar for a while. I believe its real premiere was the London Film Festival last year. This year, the three are back at the London Film Festival - this time Tom, Keira and Colin Firth star and Rupert directs the short entitled "Steve"! Another one to keep an eye on!

    I am a huge fan, to be sure. I think he is entirely brilliant and not nearly as well known as he should be. If you get the chance, come into the site's forum (it's a little link on the bottom) - it is a part of the Darcylicious forum, if you are familiar with them. All fans are welcome!

  5. Thanks for that info! Curious as to what Steve is about!

    I haven't seen all of Tom's roles but I first saw him in Amazing Mrs. Pritchard and then of course in Lost in Austen! - 2 dramas that I love!



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