Colin Firth - honoured at Telluride: video

Colin Firth was one of the recipients of The Telluride Film Festival Silver Medallion in recognition of achievements in the film industry.

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Firth accepting his award at the Telluride film fest

Pete Hammond writes in

[Colin] knew it was a great part right after he read it for the first time. “In terms of something rich it’s a great big juicy piece of meat for me to chew on, as well as being a beautifully crafted script, as well as having the finest direction you can find and a cast that is a gift. It’s rather extraordinary I’ve had these opportunities twice in a row,” he says referring to his award-winning run last season in Tom Ford’s A Single Man.

I asked Firth if he has any has trepidations about being thrust onto the awards circuit again so soon after last year’s experience, which earned him the Venice Film Festival’s Volpi for Best Actor, a BAFTA award and his first Oscar nomination among others. “Well, so far it’s just a film festival this year but there’s no simple answer to it. Some of it was fun and you would not wish any of that away, but I did speak to more than one person on that circuit, because you often see a lot of the same people on the red carpets, and one or two said in different ways ‘Whatever I do next I want to make sure it’s totally mediocre’,” he laughed. “What it’s not is serene. There’s very little calm and people need calm. It’s sort of a job. Some of it is delightful but some of it is turbulent.”

Firth better get used to another bumpy ride because I have a feeling he’s going to be on a lot more red carpets this season."

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