Carey Mulligan - My Fair Lady update & Vogue cover

Carey Mulligan is currently in Toronto at tiff, the film festival, promoting Never Let Me Go and gave an update regarding the remake of My Fair Lady.

"It's not happening this year," she replied. "I've definitely spoken about it, and I would love to do it if it happens, but it's just not happening right now."

"I read the script and the script is incredible. Emma Thompson wrote it. It's telling the story again, in another way and not trying to sort of copy anything and not trying to take away anything from that version of it. It's just telling it in a new era to a new generation of people."

Mulligan went on to say that Wright is not directing and that it will instead by directed by John Madden (Shakespeare in Love, Mrs. Brown, Captain Corelli's Mandolin). And regarding her singing abilities, she said: "I can hold a tune, but not amazingly."[source]

Turns out that Mulligan is a Gleek! She was reportedly turned down after sending an audition of herself singing Belle and Sebastian's Write about Love. "I want to be in Glee, but I'm told I'm not famous enough to be a cameo."

I also read about the original ending for An Education and happy they didn't include
"I want you back — you’re still my Minnie Mouse, I’m still your Bubble-Lub.’ !!!

Images of Carey have also surfaced of her upcoming cover of October's issue of Vogue.
See video here of her photo shoot. (Thanks to Vic for heads up on the Vogue cover at Jane Austen's World)

Think there's a bit of hat overkill myself... but I do love Carey!


  1. I am surprised for such an elegant lady she looks very uncomfortable in those photos, no?

    I read that gorgeous dress she is wearing on the cover didn't fit her and she had a towel around her waist so maybe that had something to do with her expression. I think she will be just luminous in My Fair Lady!

  2. Yes I was horrified to read that teeny tiny Carey was too big for those clothes. What hope is there for the rest of us?!

    I do think she'll be interesting to watch in MFL if it ever gets made and if she's still the one they decide to go with!

  3. I recall rumors of Miss Knightly in it.

    ...I was not happy about those rumors.

  4. Ha ha! You and a bunch of others except for her die-hard fans! I actually could envision her as Eliza, imagining her mastering the Cockney accent but that doesn't mean that I wanted her cast.

    I just find it odd how Carey says that she'd 'like to do it' but it's not set yet. A lot can happen before then and I'm nervously waiting to see who they cast as Henry.

  5. I'm terrified to think who'll end up as Higgins. When one reads the discussion boards on imDb some of the suggestions are just frightening - Richard Armitage/ David Tennant? Colin Firth?
    All are among my favourite actors, but HIGGINS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ATTRACTIVE. Especially after reading Emma Thompson's comments about how she's returning a little to the original Pygmalion, in that Elilza is objectified by Higgins and there should really be minimal Romance between them. Having played Eliza myself I can tell you, when you read it that many times, you soon despise Higgins!

    There are many wistful mentions of "if only Peter O-Toole were younger". Quite understandable.
    But having also seen Richard E. Grant in Opera Australia's production, he is absolutely perfect. Hugh Laurie would not go amiss either.

    Incidentally, I love the idea of Carey doing it, but I can't really imagine her with a cockney accent, all grimy and vulgar. It will be extremely interesting to see how it all turns out.



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