My Week with Marilyn (2011)

My Week With Marilyn is being told from the perspective of Colin Clark, who worked as a ­gofer on The Prince And The Showgirl, a film that Laurence Olivier made with Marilyn Monroe in 1956.

Michelle Williams - Marilyn Monroe
Eddie Redmayne - Colin Clark
Kenneth Branagh - Laurence Olivier
Judi Dench - Sybil Thorndike
Emma Watson - Lucy (wardrobe assistant)
Julia Ormond - Vivien Leigh
Dougray Scott - Arthur Miller
Dominic Cooper - Milton Greene
Zoë Wanamaker as Monroe's acting consultant Paula Strasberg
Toby Jones
Simon Russell Beale
Derek Jacobi
Geraldine Somerville

Directed by Simon Curtis (The Virgin Queen, Return to Cranford, Mrs. Dalloway, David Copperfield)
Produced by Weinstein Brothers

From Amazon's description of book:
Clark, son of historian Sir Kenneth Clark, spent his days just after college as third assistant director (read gofer) on the set of the 1957 British film The Prince and The Showgirl. What made this film unique, and the reason Clark decided to keep a daily journal, was the unlikely pairing of Marilyn Monroe and Sir Lawrence Olivier in the title roles.

Monroe hoped this would give her a more serious image; Olivier hoped to boost his film career. But Monroe was insecure; treated badly by her new husband, Arthur Miller; and often late and on drugs. Olivier, the consummate professional, had no patience.

Look at first movie still

Shown: Michelle Williams, Dougray Scott, Dominic Cooper
Eddie Redmayne and Toby Jones

Youtube: images from set

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King's Speech - interviews with Colin Firth

Here are two video interviews that were done with Colin Firth during tiff 2010 (Toronto Film Festival) for THE KING'S SPEECH, one is 5 1/2 minutes, the other 30 minutes... choose your preference or watch both!

Interview with Colin Firth for THE KING'S SPEECH
5:28 minutes

30 minute interview in 3 parts

More information on THE KING'S SPEECH

King's Speech - Interview with Geoffrey Rush, etc.

Here's an interview with Geoffrey Rush for The King's Speech
as well as various quotes from interviews with Geoffrey, Colin Firth and director Tom Hooper

Geoffrey Rush_The Kings Speech Interview
Uploaded by apple4b. - Classic TV and last night's shows, online.

"In Geoffrey Rush's hands Lionel is an outlandish eccentric, a kind of Aussie Henry Higgins who thinks nothing of telling a prince to speak with him on a first-name basis and pay up on lost bets with cold, hard cash (which royals never carry).

That's a huge etiquette no-no when you're dealing with monarchs. But Lionel doesn't care.

He's audacious. He's irrepressible. He throws stodgy traditions into the dumpster.

... "Lionel and Albert are the unlikeliest of friends," says Rush.

"One's a commoner. One's a royal. One man's dad is a brewer. The other guy's father is a king. How could you possibly make that work? But they do. That's clear in the diaries that do exist," he says.

"Lionel's like this wonderful, impassioned conductor," says Hooper. "He reaches in deep with his commoner's hands and pulls out the king that has been hiding underneath all of Albert's fears for years."

In that pursuit Lionel never yields, even when he's faced with protestations from his star pupil and his royal courtiers.

"We all have stuff playing in our heads, stuff that holds us back from who we could become," says Rush.

"This, really, is a story about liberation through friendship," he says. "What a wonderful, powerful force that is."

Q. Why did you think Tom Hooper was the right choice as director?
A. I knew from his work on (the PBS series) John Adams that he had a real gift with the camera for making history seem real, which was the most important thing to this intimate story. We didn’t need someone who’d be seduced by all the pomp and pageantry.

Q. Was the fact that your character was an Australian part of the appeal for you?
A. Yes, but not just out of any jingoism. What I appreciated was the fact that the script delved into how Australians were — and still are — condescended to by the English. This film may take place in the 1930s, but nearly 50 years later, my Australian wife (Jane Menelaus) was studying in London at the Central School for Speech and Drama. One day, she pronounced the word “nude” as “nood” and her teacher said “It’s ‘nyude,’ you common little colonial.”

"Twenty years earlier," explained Hooper, "being king was still a visual thing. As long as you looked good on a horse or you could wave from a carriage or wave from a balcony and look fine, you could fulfill the ceremonial roles."

"Suddenly (Bertie) was facing being king at a moment when you had to speak publicly on the radio to the 58 countries of the British Empire, which represented one quarter of the world's population," he said.

"So many people looked to the king for a performance that would emotionally connect and on top of that you had the Second World War coming."

On the one hand, people heard Adolf Hitler give "brilliant, fiery, fluent articulate" speeches while the king of England was "struggling to speak at all."

The period was "a fascinating moment when you chart the way mass media has transformed institutions like the monarchy... and the way leadership has to operate."

"You know, if he’d been born just a bit earlier or just a bit later, none of this would have happened to him. A decade before, no one spoke on the radio, and a decade after, they’d learned how to edit and pre-record. But during the crucible of George’s time on the throne, you had to speak live and you had to be persuasive.

“His two greatest political enemies, Hitler and Mussolini, were wonders at using the medium and hypnotizing the masses. It must have been a devastating prospect.”

Tom Hooper mentioned how he hoped the royal family would approve of the film: "I would hate the idea that in any sense she was upset with any aspect of the representation. I think to be honest we came to the subject with an open mind and I think both Colin and I rather fell for him. I think you can see that love for the character in the movie."

[pics thanks to ladybluelake]

More information on THE KING'S SPEECH

The King's Speech - screencaps from trailer

~ Loved this scene in the trailer ~

Screencaps from THE KING'S SPEECH thanks to ladybluelake

(Starring Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter)

Elizabeth Gaskell - bicentennial of her birth!

When it comes to period dramas,
it might have been Jane Austen that captured my attention
but it has been Elizabeth Gaskell that has captured my heart.

Elizabeth Gaskell was born on September 29, 1810
So to mark the 200th anniversary of her birth,
how about watching one of the wonderful period dramas based on her novels?

Wives and Daughters was the first Gaskell film adaptation that I saw and I was so drawn in to the story and its characters. Molly Gibson was a true heroine in my eyes. Her sweet nature and her tender relationship with her father was so touching to watch. (Played by Justine Waddell and Bill Paterson)
I loved seeing her close friendship with the Hamley family and to see:
- gruff Squire Hamley (Sir Michael Gambon) soften when it came to Molly
- Mrs. Hamley's (Penelope Wilton) affection for Molly as if she were her own daughter
- and the complex relationship with the two brothers Roger and Osborne (Anthony Howell and Tom Hollander)
Add to that priceless performances by:
- Francesca Annis (as Molly's stepmother) - memorable!
- Keeley Hawes (Molly's stepsister) - captivating as always!
- Barbara Flynn & Deborah Findlay (loved the Browning sisters!)
- Barbara Leigh Hunt and Rosamund Pike (as Lady Cumnor and her daughter Harriet)
With such a talented cast, it's no wonder that this is my favourite period drama!

Trailer for Wives and Daughters thanks to Skipmaus!

The next Gaskell adaptation that I saw was North & South
If you haven't seen this one yet, what are you waiting for?
Some people have been put off I think by the grey and sombre landscape depicted in the industrial town of Milton set in the north of England. However, if you let that dissuade you, you'll be missing out on one of the greatest love stories of period drama as evidenced by an Army of fans worldwide! I confess to being one among this band of devoted admirers and created a motivational poster retelling of this "Foolish Passion".
wallpaper by dreamvision

North & South trailer thanks to lycisca!

And then there's Cranford
An unforgettable saga with a cast that includes:
Judi Dench, Eileen Atkins, Imelda Staunton, Greg Wise, Michael Gambon, Francesca Annis, Deborah Findley, Barbara Flynn, Simon Woods, Julia Sawalha, Claudie Blakley , Lesley Manville, Alex Etel, Jim Carter, Kimberley Nixon, Lisa Dillon and Philip Glenister

Cranford trailer thanks to Luthi3n84!

Another adaptation to watch is the sequel Return to Cranford
where the ladies are still up to their antics!
And the wonderful thing is that all of the above are miniseries
so there's plenty of Gaskell to inspire and delight!

If you'd like to read even more about Elizabeth Gaskell and her works,
be sure to join in the Bicentenary Blog Tour hosted by Austenprose

Downton Abbey - 3 more videos!

Here's a lovely look at Highclere Castle (filming location for Downton Abbey)
courtesy of Helen James Productions for ITV Meridian

Here's Hugh Bonneville on Daybreak TV discussing Downton Abbey

BFI hosted a Q&A after screening episode 1 of Downton Abbey

Gareth Neame (producer), Hugh Bonneville, Joanne Froggatt, Julian Fellowes
[Photo: gettyimages]

More info on DOWNTON ABBEY

Les Miserables - concert event!!

On October 3rd, the legendary musical "LES MISÉRABLES" will celebrate its 25th birthday by making theatrical history with an international first - three different productions in London at the same time. The Original Production at the Queen's Theatre, the New 25th Anniversary Production at the Barbican, London and now, stars in their multitudes will gather for a celebratory concert at The O2 on Sunday 3rd October at 7.00pm, when all three productions and many of the shows original cast will come together to celebrate this momentous occasion.

(via satellite from the O2 Arena, London)

Live Cinema Event

On Sunday October 3rd at 7pm (British Summer Time) the legendary musical “LES MISÉRABLES” will celebrate its 25th birthday with a live broadcast via satellite to cinemas around the world from the star-studded 25th Anniversary Concert at the O2 Arena in London.

Buy your tickets for Live via Satellite Les Miserables concert events.

Denmark - Germany - Ireland & Northern Ireland - Norway - United Kingdom

Encore Broadcasts

Buy your tickets for concert broadcast at participating cinemas

4 October 2010Canada

21 October 2010 (week long) – Australia

November 17 - U.S.A.

The 25th Anniversary concert at The O2 will host a company of over 500 actors and musicians, including Alfie Boe as “Jean Valjean”, Nick Jonas as “Marius”, Norm Lewis as “Javert”, Matt Lucas as “Thénardier”, Lea Salonga as “Fantine”, Jenny Galloway as “Madame Thénardier”, Ramin Karimloo as “Enjolras”, Camilla Kerslake as “Cosette”, Samantha Barks as “Eponine”, the casts of the Original Production at the Queen’s Theatre, the New 25th Anniversary Production at the Barbican, London and members of the Original 1985 London cast.
[Sept 29: Camilla Kerslake replaced at Les Mis 02 Arena Concert by Katie Hall]

Game Of Thrones: Behind The Scenes

HBO has provided a featurette with a glimpse of the production of Game of Thrones starring Sean Bean, Lena Headey, Mark Addy, Peter Dinklage, Michelle Fairley, Iain Glen and Tamzin Merchant

Based on fantasy novels written by George R.R. Martin

and this short teaser...

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

We're beginning to hear casting news for the Sherlock Holmes sequel with Robert Downey Jr., to be directed again by Guy Ritchie.

New cast members include Noomi Rapace (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and Stephen Fry as Mycroft!

Update: casting news that Jared Harris will be taking on the role of Moriarty.
Rachel McAdams will be returning as Irene Adler but in a more minor role.

First pics of filming on location
Video: Behind the scenes
Video: stunt scene
New images and video on set

Stephen Fry (Mycroft)

Noomi Rapace

Jared Harris (Moriarty)


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