Musicals - discovered at the library!

I was reminded today not to overlook the public library as a source for great books, movies and music! Haven't trekked out to my library in quite a while and I happened to come across a few CD's of Musicals that I'm eager to listen to!

Music by Frank Wildhorn, and book and lyrics by Leslie Bricusse.
Based on The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1886), by Robert Louis Stevenson
Ongoing talk of plans to make this into a feature film.

Robert Cuccioli as Dr. Henry Jekyll / Mr. Hyde, Christiane Noll as Emma

Linda Eder as Lucy

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by David Zippel, book by Charlotte Jones,
adapted from the novel by Wilkie Collins. Directed by Trevor Nunn

Man of La Mancha
Placido Domingo, Mandy Patinkin, Julia Migenes
(art on right by Fabricio Moraes)
(I'm hoping that the movie adaptation with Robert Duvall moves ahead.)

The King and I
(Julie Andrews, Ben Kingsley, Lea Solanga, Peabo Bryson, Marilyn Horne)

Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella
(starring Lea Solanga)
(Lea has also starred in Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, The King & I, and Evita
She's done the voices for Disney's Princess Jasmine in Aladdin, and Mulan)
There's a video of her singing Two Words at her wedding.

Beauty and the Beast
Music by Alan Menken, Lyrics by Howard Ashman, Tim Rice

Starring Susan Egan and Terrance Mann


  1. I always love a good musical!

  2. They actually did record Jekyll and Hyde {the musical} onto DVD before it closed. It has David Hasselhoff as J&H and in my opinion he was AWFUL. The rest of the cast does well though, its worth a watch. I saw the stage production twice on Broadway with most of the original cast {except for Linda hoo!} and I loved it.

  3. I was in London when they first started playing The Woman in White and it was wonderful :) the music is very evocative.

  4. Oh, once I'm done with the group read of WiW, I'll have to look for this musical. I had no idea it was out there. Talk about some cool finds.

  5. Is the WiW recording the original w/Michael Crawford? He is my ab-so-lute FAVORITE singer EVER!!!!!!!!! I really want to find the original cast recording...

  6. Phylly, I'm definitely on a musical kick lately!

    Cherry Blossoms, how fortunate that you got to see it on Broadway!! Sorry that you didn't see Linda.

    Gricel, I've yet to listen to the whole soundtrack. I'm currently hooked on J&H but look forward to giving it my full attention! It would have been nice if it had a longer run in London.

    Jane, I was so surprised when I saw it. I never dreamed that there was a musical for TWIW either and to see that Webber was the composer too!!

    Alexandra, yes it does have Michael Crawford! Good luck finding it!

  7. I also discovered the Jekyll and Hyde recording at the local library, and got hooked on it. Can't seem to shake it...
    It was good to watch the filming of the broadway version, but David Hasselhoff was not the right choice - better than I expected him to be, but still not great. It was also slightly disappointing to see they'd changed the songs - the recording that I found turned out to be a concept recording form before it was produced on stage I think (it had Anthony Warlow, and was fantastic) and they had removed "Bring On The Men" which was a shame. The addition of "Murder, Murder" was a bonus though.

    I honestly don't know what's so great about it - the songs are not as good as some other musicals, the story is quite radically changed from the original novella (every single adaptation on the planet includes a fiancee and a prostitute, there were no women originally) but somehow I've become hooked and can't shake it.

    Perhaps the only solution is to be in a production of it.

  8. Frau Darcy, I did buy the Warlow CD afterward but I'm not as keen on it as I had hoped to be. It would be nice if they would hurry and produce the film version though!



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