Goodbye Christopher Robin (2011)

I'm pleased to hear that this biopic is back on track! Heard about it last year and it seemed like it wasn't going to happen but just read in Variety that British producers have secured financing for a September shoot of "Goodbye Christopher Robin," a bittersweet story of the little boy who inspired the Winnie-the-Pooh stories. Nick Hurran is set as director.

"Simon Vaughan has scripted a story based on writer A.A. Milne escaping to the countryside with his family to avoid the pressures of London. His relationship with his young son, Christopher Robin, inspired him to begin his classic stories. Milne named the character Winnie-the-Pooh after his son's teddy bear, which Christopher Milne had named after an American black bear named Winnie at the London Zoo.

Vaughan was an executive producer on the 2004 tv film "A Bear Called Winnie" about that bear."

(Photo and synopsis found on Alchemy which is no longer attached to film but since the producer and director are still on board, I'm assuming that much has not changed.)

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GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN tells the bittersweet true story of a father and son fighting to come to terms with the corrosive effects of celebrity and the inevitable challenges of growing up. In 1920s England, Christopher Robin Milne is enjoying his last summer of childish innocence while his father enjoys the first significant commercial success of his career. As the books about Winnie-the-Pooh and Christopher Robin start to achieve dizzying commercial success, the Milne family struggle to come to terms with how it affects them all.

As Milne’s career soars, his son discovers that being Christopher Robin comes at a heavy price – other children taunt the boy while the media clamours for his attention. With a father obsessed with writing, and a mother busy luxuriating in the family’s new-found fame and fortune, Christopher Robin gets little support from the adults around him. Looming before him is the new terror of boarding school and the inevitable bullying – just for being himself. Slowly, Christopher Robin starts to withdraw into his own world. Realising the problems that fame has brought, AA Milne tries to prepare the young boy for the rigours of boarding school and the new term ahead – triggering a number of changes which rock the foundations of Christopher’s world.

Christopher’s life-long nanny and best friend, Nou, is dismissed from service, and the childish games he has always played in the woodland around the family home are suddenly discouraged. Even visits to the zoo and his friendships with other local children now seem to be out of bounds. At the same time, AA Milne is making his own sacrifices - after much soul searching, he decides to stop writing stories about the boy and his bear. As the summer draws to close, the Milne family must face up to the fact that life can never be the same again.


  1. Sounds like a lovely, heartbreaking movie.

  2. Jane, I had no idea that Milne's son's life wasn't as idyllic as one would have thought but still look forward to knowing more of the author and his family!

  3. This is very dear and close to my heart...I've read "The Enchanted Places" many times, and yes, it was a very sad story. Especially how in later years he came to dislike that name, and dropped "Robin" all together. I am delighted its been made into a film.

  4. @Dolls
    Must be an interesting tale! I hadn't stopped to think about what Milne's life was like, or that of his son. I'm prepping myself for its melancholy nature but love finding out more about the authors!

  5. Both Christopher Milne's books and Ann Thwaite's biography of A.A. Milne and his family (to say nothing of her The Brilliant Career of Winnie-the-Pooh) are fascinating reading, and yes, very touching. But neither of the Milnes were apt to lay their hearts very bare before others, at least compared to what many another sort of person might do, and the mere synopsis of this film emotes more sadness than Christopher's books themselves do. Strange to say, perhaps, but I believe true.



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