Going Postal - Loved it!

Charlie Dance described Going Postal as a cross between Dickens and Harry Potter. I've only see one of the Potter films but I'd have to say that that's an apt description. I loved the eccentric characters and their quirky names reminded me of those that Dickens would have come up with. I was hoping to read the novel before watching this but unfortunately when I showed up to pick up a copy at the library earlier this week, I was informed by the librarian that the copy was 'missing'. She might have declared it missing, however, my bet is that Reacher Gilt had something to do with it!

I do not write reviews on this blog. That's never been my forté.

Let me just say what I liked about this drama based on Terry Pratchett's Disc World series.

Original & FUN! - definitely held my interest, something that happens more rarely these days!

I found myself grinning at the awesome performances and the subtle (or not-so-subtle) lines delivered flawlessly by such veterans as David Suchet, Charles Dance, Richard Coyle and one of my fave newcomers Claire Foy! (enchanting as ever!)

_____Costumes and cinematography
Loved the colour and rich tones (My only complaint is that Claire Foy wore the same dress throughout, save for the final scene, but I appreciate that there was a reason she did so.)

_____Secondary Characters

Andrew Sachs as Mr. Groat was adorable! I loved seeing him in this performance after seeing him as Manuel in Fawlty Towers.
Ian Boner as the pin-obsessed Stanley Howler was delightful as the dim-witted young postal worker. I especially liked his research in what to do in case of a fire!
Tamsin Greig was great to see with a solid performance.
Madhav Sharma was great as Gilt's faithful assistant Horsefry, his loyalty and attention to detail was unwavering!

I found all of the characters charming and believable. Considering that it was only a 3-hour miniseries, I found myself pulled into their world and eager to know of their character's fate.

I heard about Terry Pratchett making cameo appearances in his films
and it was fun to see him show up in this one as well!

Andrew Sachs as Groats

David Suchet as Reacher Gilt

Ian Boner as Stanley Howler

One of my fave scenes, can't you just feel the love? :)

Found this fun video on Youtube with the cast members doing a dance spoof of Elvis' Return to Sender, a feature that I hope ends up on the DVD! Thanks to Santay for linking to it!

-> more on Going Postal (trailer, cast pics, interviews)

Screencaps found here, thanks to puchre

Watch it here...


  1. Where did you see this, Charleybrown?
    Is it in theatres?

  2. I really hope this makes it to DVD in the States soon, it looks like fun!

  3. Phylly and Ruth, if you look at the top of this post, I have the link where I watched it! There's 2 parts - 90 minutes each that are streamed at that site! Totally reminded me of Dickens but with more fantasy thrown in! :)

  4. Thnaks so much for posting about this - just watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it! I have been a big Charles Dance fan for years, so am alway glad to see his work.BTW, love your blog!

  5. Thanks JEMAA!! I also like Charles Dance although I haven't followed him for as long as you! I would have loved to have seen more of him in this but I did love watching it!



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