Victorian Impersonators - those who've portrayed Queen Victoria in film

Since Canadians are celebrating our long weekend in honour of Victoria Day (May 24),
I was thinking of watching one of the period dramas based on Queen Victoria's life.
Three came to mind - The Young Victoria, Mrs. Brown and Victoria & Albert
but there are many more films where we encounter the longest reigning British monarch.

Here are some of the actresses (and actors)
that have portrayed
Victoria Regina!

The Young Victoria - Emily Blunt
(I adore this movie!)

Around the World in 80 Days - Kathy Bates
(shown with Jim Broadbent)

The Young Visiters - Janine Duvitski
(inset: shown as Victoria, Janine as Mrs. Meagles in Little Dorrit)

Blackadder's Christmas Carol - Miriam Margolyes
(with Jim Broadbent as Prince Albert)

I noticed that Jim Broadbent has played in the 4 films above:
King William, uncle to Emily Blunt in The Young Victoria
Lord Kelvin in Around the World in 80 Days
Alfred Saltina in The Young Visiters
Prince Albert in Blackadder's Christmas Carol

Doctor Who - Pauline Collins

Looking for Victoria & A History of Britain - Prunella Scales
(shown as Mrs. Bates in Emma)

Shanghai Knights - Gemma Jones
(shown as Mrs. Dashwood with Harriet Walter as Fanny in S&S)
Note: Harriet Walter plays Queen Adelaide,
aunt to Emily Blunt in The Young Victoria

Night's Noontime - Jackie Burroughs
(shown as Aunt Hetty in Road to Avonlea)

Victoria & Albert - Victoria Hamilton

Actress Helen Hayes in her Hanna Theatre role of a young Queen Victoria during the 1937 production of "Victoria Regina."
During the course of the play, Hayes had to age six decades to portray the monarch during her entire life.

The Great McGonagall - Peter Sellers

Mrs. Brown - Judi Dench
(shown with Billy Connelly as Mr. Brown)

Around the World in 80 Days - Anna Massey
(shown in He Knew He Was Right)

Disraeli - Rosemary Leach
(shown as Lady Brightlingsea in Buccaneers)

Edward the Seventh - Annette Crosbie
(shown as Flora Finching's aunt in Little Dorrit)

Victoria Regina - Patricia Toutledge
(shown in Keeping up Appearances)

Robert Montgomery Presents - Helen Hayes

Prime Minister - Fay Compton
(shown with John Gielgud as PM Disraeli)

Bewitched - Jane Connell
(1964 tv series with Elizabeth Montgomery)

Mädchenjahre einer Königin - Romy Schneider
(shown as Sissi)

The Mudlark - Irene Dunne

The Little Princess - Beryl Mercer
(1939 film starring Shirley Temple)

Another actress, Pamela Brown was the voice of Queen Victoria in 1949 and later played her mother, Duchess of Kent in Hallmark Hall of Fame production in 1961.

Monty Python - Michael Palin (video below)


  1. Great post for Victoria Day, CharleyBrown. I knew you would do something like this, but you really have outdone all expectations!!
    I think I have only seen "Mrs. Brown" with Judi Dench as Queen Vicky, but some of the others look fabulous.
    Sadly, I can't get your Youtube clip to work...

  2. Nevermind..the clip works now! Love the Monty Python Show!

  3. Oh how I dearly love Queen Victoria! *happy sigh*
    She is certainly my favorite historical monarch. What a wonderful list of the many faces who portrayed her over the years!
    Monty Python is too funny. Odd they chose to portray her German roots. "We are not entertained!" lol
    Thanks so much for this! :)

  4. Queen Victoria is one of my all-time favorite monarchs, as well. I remember watching the old Shirley Temple movies on Saturday afternoons when I was a kid, and I always felt that Beryl Mercer was Queen Victoria. She had such a cameo appearance it seemed she was the real deal.

  5. So glad to have happened upon your website! I am an English student and very fascinated with the Victorian era in particular (currently in the midst of Middlemarch). Looking forward to getting caught up on your blog!

    Many blessings.

  6. Glad to hear from others who are fascinated with Victoria!

    phylly, I didn't plan on doing this post! I can't even recall what got me started but I was indeed surprised to discover so many familiar actresses have taken on the role.

    Alison, welcome! I do hope you enjoy the diversions on the blog! I know I can get spend so much time exploring online, especially when it comes to British monarchs! And you remind me that I haven't watched Middlemarch since buying it over a year ago!

    Hope we all get a chance to do something Victorian this weekend!

  7. Great post! It's fun to look back in history to see all the portrayals that have been done over the years.

  8. Also Beryl Mercer played her in The Story of Alexander Graham Bell (1939). I thought she did a superb job!

  9. I was very fond Jane Connell as Queen Vctoria on "Bewitched". She was definitely not amused *g*

    IMDB has a long list of Queen Victoria portrayals at

  10. Wow, that is an amazing collection of Queen Victorias. Bewitched, even!

    So glad Emily Blunt got to play a young Victoria as most of them are dumpy and dowdy and aged.

  11. Allie, yes, it IS fun whenever I start reading more about Queen V :)

    SMiles, I didn't notice that Mercer played the role more than once. The Bell film sounds like it would be interesting!

    shakatany, IMDb was my source and then I chose various roles from there!

    Jane, I love how The Young Victoria has reminded us that she wasn't BORN dressed in black, mourning clothes even though that stereotype seems so attached to her!



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