Any Human Heart (2010)

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Article by Heather Hughes, Channel 4's small-screen version of William Boyd's Any Human Heart has attracted a whole host of well-known stars, including The X-Files' Gillian Anderson, Harry Potter's Jim Broadbent and Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall. Not since Tim Roth was picked as the lead in Sky's Skellig have we been so excited about the casting of a UK adaptation!

The four-part drama, adapted for TV by Boyd himself, intimately depicts the life of fictional writer Logan Mountstuart. In it, Oscar-winning Broadbent plays the older incarnation of the eccentric (and oddly-named) novelist, while Criminal Justice actor Matthew Macfadyen and newcomer Sam Claflin depict his earlier, more naive years.

Spanning nine decades, Any Human Heart tells stories around some of the most significant historic events of recent decades. World War II and the New York art scandal of the '50s and 60s are explored through Logan's eyes, as are his various relationships. Kim Cattrall takes a role reminiscent of Sam in Sex and the City, playing one of the lothario's glamorous lovers when the show starts later this year.

Logan's three wives will be portrayed, chronologically, by newcomer Emerald Fennell, The Prisoner's Hayley Atwell and Mistresses' Natasha Little. Meanwhile, The X-Files' Gillian Anderson and Desperate Romantics''s Tom Hollander depict the Duke and Duchess of Windsor--a couple who greatly influence the path of his long life.
William Boyd describes his novel,
"I am fascinated by the life and work of that generation of English writers who were born at the beginning of the century and reached maturity by the time of World War II. People like Evelyn Waugh and Graham Greene and Anthony Powell, obviously, but also less well known writers—Henry Green, Lawrence Durrell, Cyril Connolly and William Gerhardie. The last two in particular lurk closely behind Logan. I wanted to invent my own exemplary figure who could seem almost as real as the real ones and whose life followed a similar pattern: boarding school, university, Paris in the 20s, the rise of Fascism, war, post-war neglect, disillusion, increasing decrepitude, and so on—a long, varied and rackety life that covered most of the century."

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Song featured on trailer for Any Human Heart: Nightbook: Ludovico Einaudi

I'm not sure how much of this series will show Macfadyen and Atwell but I'm interested to see their characters marry after reading Pillars of the Earth, where their characters became friends.
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preview of episode 2 (thanks again to cubbie866)

Gillian Anderson and Tom Hollander
(Wallis Simpson and Edward)

I like this pic of Gillian...


  1. This sounds ...unmissable! Thanks a lot for keeping us updated!

  2. looking forward to this one too!

  3. My daughter came across some location filming for this around the Oxford area - I think a 1920s scene. I'll be really interested to see it.:)

  4. Judy, that's so neat that your daughter got a peek at the filming! Another advantage to living in the UK where all the best stuff seems to be filmed!

    Maria and tyme,
    I'm curious about the book. Has anyone read it??

  5. @charleybrown - No I haven't read the book yet but it is on my list to read!

  6. Another good one not to be missed!
    Thank you!

  7. Dolls from the Attic,
    You're welcome! One thing I like about hearing of these dramas beforehand is that it gives us time to check out the book!

  8. Any idea when this is being shown (or have I missed it?!). I read the book last year and I love Jim Broadbent so I'd like to watch this.

  9. @Janet
    Any Human Heart is currently being filmed so you haven't missed it yet!

  10. Looks interesting. Did anyone else notice Tobias Menzie's face in the second preview? Maybe it was just this Mr. Elliot loving fan-girl. ;)

  11. Sharp eyes Laurie! I guess he plays Ian Fleming!



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