Colonial Williamsburg

I absolutely love the fabric being used to create this gown for Lady Dunmore at Colonial Williamsburg's Costume Design Center in Virginia. It was being designed in preparation for a Royal Tea in which actress Mamie Gummer (Meryl Streep's daughter) would have the privilige of wearing such a creation!

Photos of the gown's progression can be found here on Colonial Williamsburg's facebook page.

Here are some of the photographs which caught my eye!

Reading about the gown led me to the original website which has a wealth of information and photos about life and times in 18th century America. I would love to go for a visit! Especially after watching the miniseries John Adams, this would be such a delight to see!

Just as I was dreaming about how I'd love to go, I came across this absolutely enticing image (shown on right) photographed by Sue Ann Cassidy Tarkenton on her recent trip there, making me want to visit even more! Thanks Sue Ann for allowing me to share your great photo of the Governor's Garden!

> Costume Design Centre's Anniversary Timeline
>Dress the Part (Such fun! Interactive game allows you to dress people from that time. I made plenty of mistakes on my first try...not noticing that you need to dress them in the proper order)
>many more features about 18th century clothing!

Take a virtual tour of the town
(Since I won't be visiting anytime soon, I love this feature.)

Here are some of the images and wallpapers you can find on their site.


  1. I would like to know where I can acquire those shoes, or a pair like them!

  2. I live in Virginia, so I can go to Colonial Williamsburg quite often. I would reccommed it to any history fans and costume fans (I've spent hours at the milliners!)

  3. Williamsburg is one of my family's favorite vacation spots! Autumn and Christmas time are my favorite times to visit but Spring is also lovely!
    Colonial Williamsburg is well worth a week long visit! There is so much to see and do and learn! And they always seem to be adding new exhibits!
    My family and I also enjoy Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts, the time period is pre-civil war 1800's and it's more done more as a working village.
    'Dress the Part' is a lot of fun, I actually learned quite a bit about clothing in Colonial America by playing it. :)

  4. Lauren, aren't they lovely? I love the shade of orange...And if you're serious about getting a pair, I have full faith in you in making fashion of the past stylish again!

    Libby and Laurie, I'm so envious that you've had the chance to go! It does sound like a delightful way to spend hours and hours revisiting the past!

  5. I love Colonial Williamsburg--it's a quick jaunt over there which is nice when I can't get away on a vacation for more than a day. Though my mother, who works for a different set of colonial museums/buildings has some qualms with Williamsburg's costuming and how it is not as authentic as where she works. (They use ZIPPERS and things!!) :-)

  6. ldsjaneite,
    Can I ask where your Mom works? I envy all of you who are able to visit these historic places!



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