Murder on the Orient Express (2010)

Acclaimed director, Philip Martin, will bring Agatha Christie’s most popular novel to life.

David Suchet returns as Hercule Poirot with the cast including Eileen Atkins as Princess Dragomiroff, Barbara Hershey as Mrs Hubbard, Toby Jones as Samuel Ratchett, Hugh Bonneville as Edward Masterman, Elena Satine as Countess Andrenyi, JoeylBrian J. Smith as Hector MacQueen, David Morrissey as Colonel Arbuthnot, Jessica Chastain as Mary Debenham, Denis Menochet as Pierre Michel, among others.

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~ July 11, 2010 on PBS ~
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David Suchet says: “It’s an honour to have such a wonderful international cast on board for this world famous murder mystery. Writer, Stewart Harcourt, has created an exquisite script. His attention to detail is impeccable.”

Karen Thrussell says: “We’re all incredibly delighted that 21 years after David Suchet first played Hercule Poirot he is now starring in arguably the most ingenious and best loved Agatha Christie title of all time.”

Chairman of Agatha Christie Ltd, Mathew Prichard says: “It’s high time that Agatha Christie fans had another interpretation of my grandmother’s wonderful Murder on the Orient Express to enjoy, and I’m delighted that this one has attracted so many well known names and starts with such a wonderful script”

Hercule Poirot is visiting Istanbul, having solved a complex case for the British Army, when he witnesses an act of brutal justice on the streets. Relieved when a new case calls him back to London, Poirot’s old acquaintance Xavier Bouc (Serge Hazanavicius), director of the Orient Express, secures him a last minute ticket. Among the eclectic range of passengers are Princess Dragomiroff (Dame Eileen Atkins) and her nervous maid Hildegard Schmidt (Susanne Lothar), English Governess Mary Debenham (Jessica Chastain) and Swedish missionary Greta Ohlsson (Marie-Josée Croze).

During his journey on the Orient Express Poirot is approached by ruthless American businessman Samuel Ratchett (Toby Jones) who offers him ten thousand dollars to watch his back, but Poirot refuses. Could Ratchett be fearful of the Italian Antonio Foscarelli (Joseph Mawle), English Colonel John Arbuthnot (David Morrissey), pushy American Mrs Hubbard (Barbara Herhey) or Hungarian diplomat Count Andrenyi (Stanley Weber) and his wife, Countess Andrenyi (Elena Satine)? Poirot awakes the following morning to find the train stuck in a snowdrift and Ratchett dead in his compartment.

Aided by amateur sleuth Dr Constantine (Samuel West), Poirot examines the murder scene and finds a proliferation of clues pointing in opposite directions. He interviews those who last saw Ratchett alive: his manservant Edward Masterman (Hugh Bonneville), personal assistant, Hector MacQueen (Brian J Smith), and conductor Pierre Michel (Denis Ménochet), before realising the true identity of Samuel Ratchett. The evidence seems to point to a mysterious assassin who got on and off the train but Poirot is not convinced. Isolated by the snow and with civilisation falling apart Poirot makes a decision that will change his life forever.

Adapted by Stewart Harcourt (Agatha Christie’s Marple, Dracula) and produced by Karen Thrussell (Agatha Christie’s Marple), Murder on the Orient Express will be filmed on location in Malta and London.

Dame Eileen Atkins (BAFTA Best Actress winner for Cranford)

Hugh Bonneville (Iris, Lost in Austen, Daniel Deronda)

Joely Richardson (Wallis & Edward, Affair of the Necklace, The Patriot)

Jessica Chastain (The Tree of Life, Jolene)

Sam Crane (Desperate Romantics)

Barbara Hershey (The Portrait of a Lady, Daniel Deronda)

Toby Jones (Creation, Old Curiosity Shop, Frost/Nixon)

Denis Ménochet (Inglourious Basterds)

David Morrissey (Sense & Sensibility, Our Mutual Friend,State of Play)

Elena Satine (Melrose Place, Don’t Look Up)

Brian J Smith (Stargate Universe)

Samuel West (Persuasion, Howard's End, Desperate Romantics)

Also featuring:
Marie-Josée Croze (The Diving Bell and The Butterfly)
Serge Hazanavicius (I’ve Loved You So Long)
Susanne Lothar (The Reader, Nemesis)
Joseph Mawle (The Passion, Soundproof)
Stanley Weber (Figaro, The Lady of Monsoreau)

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  1. I am eagerly anticipating this adaptation of my favorite Christie book! I love Poirot and the more David Suchet acts this quirky Belgium detective the better he gets! It's wonderful to have someone who truly understands Poirot!
    The rest of the cast for Orient Express sound lovely, Eileen Atkins will make a wonderful Russian Princess add to that Hugh Bonneville, David Morrissey, Samuel West and Joley Richardson (whoes mother played the same role in 1974)! I can't wait! :)

  2. Sounds so exciting I can't wait for the release! Can't get enough of these films!

  3. David Suchet IS Hercule Poirot. I am so excited about this remake!!

  4. Glad to hear that you are looking forward to this. I'm not as well-versed in Poirot. I vaguely recall catching an old movie of Orient Express years ago but this will be new ground for me!

  5. I just read elsewhere today that PBS confirmed this for the upcoming Mystery season - very happy abou that.

  6. Ruth, I do love when PBS hops on board!



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