Alice in Wonderland - all the merchandise...

You know what time it is?!
It's time to roll out the products for a major film release!

March 5th is a day that I'm finding a lot of people are anticipating for 'Alice in Wonderland' and I have to admit that Lewis Carroll's whimsical characters are easily suited for products galore! (Mattel has issued a Barbie version of the Madhatter, shown on right)

My friend came into work showing me the Urban Decay AIW-themed makeup kit and I knew that I would be "curiouser and curiouser" to see what else was out there. Turns out there's more than I thought...Thanks a lot Lisa!

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Here's just a sampling of products:

Jewellery, Cheshire cat ring, Madhatter keychain, Queen of Hearts ring
Some of the products associated with the film: Madhatter clock, totebag, t-shirt and sketchbook, Queen of Hearts totebag and wallet
Urban Decay 'Book of Shadows' makeup kit, love the names of the colours!

Kubricks of Madhatter and Cheshire Cat

Tom Binns’s broken-teacup necklace (will retail for $1000 - $1500 with a lower-priced collection for Disney line at Disney Couture)

Paul & Joe’s Alice in Wonderland beauty collection, with Blotting Paper with mirror and lipsticks...Harrod's £25

Zac Posen’s latest collection, which he describes as “Lewis Carroll meets Paloma Picasso”...view here
Sue Wong
has also incorporated Alice in Wonderland into her latest designs...(see more dresses here)

Avril Lavigne
who wrote a song for the soundtrack has also included some Alice themes in her clothing line. I'm not entirely sure that I'm sold on the hoodie/blazer...

nail polishes - Off with Her Red!, Absolutely Alice, Mad as a Hatter, Thanks So Muchness!

The Alice project (handmade dress inspired by film)

Cool furniture for kids (AIW-themed but prices are not kid-sized!!)

Stella McCartney is designing some jewellery...
The Swavorski collection is said to consist of 17 pieces, including necklaces, earrings, rings and pendants, referencing all sorts of AIW imagery. Here are some of the charms, such as cotton reels and scissors (ala Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter), hearts and clubs (representing The Red Queen played by Helena Bonham Carter) and bunny and pocket watch (in the style of The White Rabbit).

Tonner Doll Company has a special Alice doll based on the film with Mad Hatter, Red Queen and White Queen pending. The company also has plenty of other Alice merchandise based on the popular character.
>Dolls specific to Tim Burton film
(Alice Kingsley doll shown, *just added* Red Queen & White Queen!!)

Not to be outdone by the Queen of Hearts , choice of Queen of Clubs, Diamonds and Spades...
Followed by Alice's sister, King & Queen of Hearts, Alice 2009, Alice Winter Wonderland, Barbie Queen of Heart

Psychedelic calendar with art by John Coulthart calendar here, closeups here

Here are some Alice-themed products found on Etsy...


  1. I have got to pick up some of the OPI Alice colors! And that teacup necklace is very, very cool!

  2. I love my shout out!!! yahoo! sorry to get you started on such a huge search, but i know you love doing this sort of thing! I want everything!!! Especially the wallet, the tea pot lamp, the mad hatter chandelier, the clothes, the makeup, the cool kids love love it!!!! they're gonna make a killing on all this merchandise!! keep finding more for me please~!!! :)
    the caterpillar= creepy!!!!! ahhhhh!!!!
    "You're all mad" tshirt-we should wear that one to work! lol

    you know who!

  3. Ruth, I'm surprised by the pricetag attached to that necklace!

    Lisa, I've already ordered your crazy t-shirt!

  4. Amazing stuff! Thanks for the collection--partial to the teacup lamp myself...

  5. Jane, I'll fight you for it! I was wondering how hard it would be to construct one like that!



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