Gulliver's Travels (2010)

Gulliver's Travels is an upcoming live-action adventure film directed by Rob Letterman and based on the 18th century novel of the same name by Jonathan Swift, starring Jack Black as Gulliver.

"Gulliver's Travels, which was written in 1726, remains one of the classic works of English literature. The author used his tall tales to satirise the society of his day in a manner that can be somewhat confusing to the modern reader unacquainted with the vagaries of life at the court of George I. It remains to be seen how much of the spirit of the original novel Hollywood will use: previous adaptations have taken severe liberties with the source material and tended to excise much of the satire." From the Guardian


Jack Black, Emily Blunt, Jason Segel, Amanda Peet, Billy Connelly, Catherine Tate, James Cordon

I smile when I hear James Cordon's name thinking of this comedy skit that he did for Red Nose Day with the British football team. I loved seeing David Beckham trying to keep a straight face.

Emily Blunt spoke about the film:
"People who are very loyal to the book I'm sure will have their qualms about the fact that we've made this a kind of romping comedy. But it's still very funny.

"I love Gulliver's Travels because it's really smart. It's not fart jokes. You know what I mean? It's not fart jokes. There's not a fart joke in sight. Don't worry. It's very smart and witty. And it's great for kids and adults. There are the in-jokes for the adults. I loved that script. It's great."

As for playing a character who's "not very bright", Blunt added: "I had a really good time with that. I'm a little Lilliputian. Yeah, I'm a little person. I'm obviously only taking on roles where people have to bow to me. I mean, that's literally all I'm doing right now. Queens or princesses, so take your pick."

In another interview, Emily said "I did three films in a row wearing a corset. I think my inner organs by the end of it were like: ‘Are you kidding? You’ve got to stop. You have to give us a break."

Blunt, pictured on left in Vanity Fair shoot.

Another quote from Emily Blunt: "And, Gulliver’s was a blast. It was just heaven to work with Jack [Black]. Everyone should run to work with him ’cause he’s awesome. And, I got to play a princess. Obviously, I’m only taking on roles where someone will curtsy to me."

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Daily Mail article with pictures on set

Images from the set


  1. Jack Black would usually scare me off but Gulliver's Travels!!! I must see it. I only hope they don't butcher it.

  2. Thanks for all the detals on this and the pictures. I was in Greenwich one day when they were filming this, at the Royal Naval College, and whole areas were closed off - so will be very interested to see the finished result! Looks like a big-name cast. Catherine Tate's version of A Christmas Carol on TV at Christmas was just about the worst thing ever, though, judging by the few minutes of it I saw, so I hope this is better!

  3. @Maribel, you're welcome!

    @Alexa, I hope so too! I find Jack an odd choice in a way.

    @Judy, I saw the bit with David Tennant and thought he was hilarious! You're so lucky that you're close to a filming location. I couldn't understand why no one seemed interested in auditioning as an extra in Firth's latest when they advertised. I would have dropped everything to take part!



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