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I can't believe that I've reached 500 posts already. When I began in December of 2007, I wasn't sure what I was going to do... I just wanted to find a way to collect some of MY FAVOURITE THINGS about period dramas. It turns out I have more favourites than I thought! And more period dramas are being produced each year, making the job of keeping up with them, a challenging but delightful task.

So here are some of my favourite things...

Of course, "let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start", by noting the period films that transport us to another time... The INDEX OF FILMS was intended to be a list of the best ones I've seen and loved but I've also listed films I've yet to see on there so they can be found more easily. My current list of Top Films can be found in MY TOP TWENTY. Another popular list are the countless dramas produced by the BBC which I've listed here on TOP BBC PERIOD DRAMAS. I'm currently working on another list of all those favourites that are NOT from the BBC! Of course, there is the list of all those coming our way soon...UPCOMING FILMS. Many people have recommended movies that I haven't seen so I've created a list of HIDDEN GEMS. As an Anglophile, I have a particular fondness for the MOVIES OF BRITISH ROYALTY. Another genre close to my heart are those that mesmerize us with their songs, gotta love those MUSICALS!

Where would we be without the actors who star in these dramas and charm us with their bonnets and cravats? I've listed some of the more distinguished actors here in the HALL OF FAME Or what about who's married to who? and the families in the acting business - that would be found in IT'S ALL RELATIVE. Or what about those actors that remind us of someone else? Yep, had to make a category for that in LOOK-ALIKES

I have to give credit to the lady who started this obsession. I've listed books, movies and links related to THE WORLD OF JANE AUSTEN and was foolish to think that I could make it a comprehensive one! I've given up on keeping it updated and there are plenty of other sites that do that job quite well! I began with learning about Jane's books but soon learned about so many other authors and love discovering films based on their work, found in LITERATURE.

And then there are all the extras I've discovered through my interest in costume dramas. I think most of us would admit that part of our fascination is due to the awesome costumes that are worn and I've been surprised by all the great sites that focus on FASHION. Or what about the ART that often reflects the eras we love? I've been in awe of the beautiful artwork that I've discovered! I would also consider the wonderful VIDEOS found on Youtube to be works of art and hold the highest regard for those who have the talent to create them! And last but not least, I've discovered that Jane Austen likes to frequent Facebook & Twitter, and that Thomas Jefferson & John Adams like to order takeout at the drive-thru... who knew? Those posts and others can be found in JUST FOR FUN.

Looking forward to many more but if you'll excuse me,
I have some ironing to do...

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