From Time to Time (2009)

A haunting ghost story spanning two worlds, two centuries apart.

Julian Fellowes has written and directed this film based on his childhood favourite books, the Green Knowe series of novels by Lucy M Boston

"With WWII coming to a close, and his father still missing in battle, Tolly is sent to the countryside to live with his grandmother in their imposing ancestral home at Christmas. Little does he know, the house is alive with ancient secrets that have haunted his family for centuries. With the help of the spirits of young Susan and her friend Jacob, Tolly begins to solve the mysteries hidden in the dark corners of the house. Tolly's adventures lead him along a supernatural journey of friendship and self-discovery, and teach him one of life's most important lessons."

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* Author Lucy M. Boston (Intro by Diana Boston)
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Directed and written by Julian Fellowes
(writer of Gosford Park, Young Victoria, Downton Abbey)

Cast includes:
Alex Etel (Cranford), Maggie Smith, Dominic West, Timothy Spall, Eliza Bennett,
Carice van Houten, Hugh Bonneville, Harriet Walter, Pauline Collins,
Christopher Villiers, Elisabeth Dermot Walsh

At London premiere:
Kwayedza Kureya, Eliza Bennett, Douglas Booth and Alex Etel

Julian Fellowes and Hugh Bonneville

Cast at red carpet premiere of film in London
(Ilan Eshkeri, Allen Leech, Harriet Walter, Timothy Spall, Director Julian Fellowes, Alex Etel, Pauline Collins, Hugh Bonneville, Kwayedza Kureya, Eliza Bennett and Douglas Booth)
Photo: Samir Hussein/Getty Images


  1. This looks so good! I can't wait to see it, whether its in the theater or on DVD.

  2. I've been eager to see it as well. Not sure when it will be distributed but I do hope they get the funding!

  3. I agree with Ruth that this sounds so good--I thought the boy who played Harry in Cranford was so good--glad to see him again :)

  4. This looks very good, I love a good mystery and ghost stories are always interesting. Glad to see Harry from Cranford again too, and working with Dame Maggie Smith and Hugh Bonneville!

  5. Thank you so much for posting the link to this movie online! I LOVE it, and I can't wait until it comes out in the states! Your blog is awesome, too. Thanks!

  6. Anon, I can't wait for the DVD to come out either since so many have expressed an interest in seeing it. Thanks for your compliment!



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