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The DVD of the upcoming Christmas special: Return to Cranford will be available for purchase on January 19, 2010 at

Left to right: Deborah Findley, Judi Dench, Imelda Staunton, Julia Mackenzie
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Synopsis from BBC:
Miss Matty and the ladies of Cranford are excited about the imminent visit of Lady Glenmire, as the two-part Cranford special reaches a conclusion. That is until the Hon Mrs Jamieson announces that none of them is of high-enough social standing to meet her. Deeply hurt, Miss Matty leads the Amazons in snubbing both the newcomer and her hostess. But sociable Lady Glenmire is quick to offer an olive branch by hosting a memorable Halloween party, which results in the forging of new friendships.
Impressed by Edward Bell's ambitions and hurt by his own son's defiance, Mr Buxton takes on Edward to act as his land agent. But Edward makes a disastrous decision that has dire consequences not only for himself but also for Peggy, whose fortitude and courage will be tested to the limit.
Meanwhile, Matty is distressed when a surprising discovery about one of their close circle results in a serious falling out among the friends. Mrs Jamieson and Miss Pole split from the group and Matty is uncertain about how to bring them all back together again.
Matty is also deeply affected by Peggy's crisis. Knowing painfully well the cost of sacrificing one's personal happiness for the sake of family obligations, Matty decides to intervene in events to help Peggy. But when tragedy strikes the town, she comes to believe that, unwittingly, she has opened a Pandora's box and fears that Cranford will never recover.

(except for the air date which they are still keeping secret?)

And now we finally know which books are the basis of the sequel... is selling the book,
"This celebratory omnibus edition includes the classic novel of the same name, a comic portrait of the lives of Cranford's genteel female inhabitants, as well as a novella and a short story. Both of these, "The Moorland Cottage" and "The Cage at Cranford", feature in the Cranford two-part Special due to be screened on BBC television over Christmas 2009."

* * * * You can also read The Moorland Cottage in its entirety online at The Literature Network and The Cage at Cranford can be read online as well.
(For those of us who already bought Cranford last year!)

Just realized from visiting the site of The Gaskell Society, that 2010 is the 200th anniversary of Elizabeth Gaskell's birth which makes me want to scream strongly suggest to the BBC that they drop all notions of that blasted Copperfield production and get busy on adapting Sylvia's Lovers or Mary Barton. Or better yet, wouldn't it be wonderful if someone presented a biographical drama of Gaskell herself?? I think that would be wonderful to watch! And yes, I'm biased here since my favourite period dramas are those based on Gaskell's works.

Knutsford: A History, by Joan Leach
Quoted from the Elizabeth Gaskell Society,
"We are both pleased and proud to introduce a long awaited history of Knutsford by our Honorary Secretary and Founder of the Gaskell Society, Joan Leach MBE. This is a really readable and beautifully illustrated history of a small country town, that is sure to appeal to both local historians and Gaskell devotees alike. Using her extensive knowledge of the area, Joan traces the story of the town from its earliest days when it was mentioned as Cunetesford in the Domesday Book, through to its “Cranford Days” and right up to the present time. Joan tells us of the many old customs which still remain, linking us to the world of Miss Matty and her friends."

For anyone unfamiliar with Cranford, here's a DVD trailer for the first series :


  1. I've already preordered my DVD (along with the new version of Emma)!!

  2. I like the way "they" are incorporating some of Gaskell's short works into the greater Cranford story. Moorland Cottage is a good story and I look forward to seeing it in the Cranford context. This should be fun to watch.

  3. Great! A beautiful christmas gift. I loved the first series, I'm sure this second one will be as good as that. Thanks for this very detailed anticipation.

  4. I agree about the screaming bit. My favourites are from Gaskell too and I would love, absolutely love to see a biopic done on her!

  5. How wonderful! Cranford is one of my favorites :)

  6. I love knowing there are others who share my enthusiasm for Cranford. Thanks for your comments!

  7. Very, very happy to see Cranford series. A real masterpiece of genuine Human Values which we’re lacking today in our technology-oriented world!
    Wishing all the cast and producers the future gorgeous productions of this kind!



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