Latest News and Upcoming Films - Nov.21/09

Jane Eyre (2011)
- a new film to be directed by Cary Fukunaga with BBC Films. Previously Ellen Page was set to star but the latest news (from Variety) has Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) joining Michael Fassbender for the film. I just realized that I've seen Fassbender years ago in 'A Bear Named Winnie', the true story of the bear that inspired A.A. Milne's classic of Winnie the Pooh.

Wuthering Heights (2010)
We heard many names attached to this remake but it appears that it will finally happen with Gemma Arterton and Ed Westwick. Read more at Bronteblog.

Murder on the Orient Express
remake based on Agatha Christie's novel, starring David Suchet, Eileen Atkins, Hugh Bonneville, David Morrissey...article here

Dear Eleanor (2010)
Directed by Gary Marshall, st
arring Abigail Breslin and AnnaSophia Robb. Synopsis: "The story of two fourteen year old girls, Ellie and Max the Wax, who travel across America in 1962 during the chaos of the Cuban missile crisis in search of Eleanor Roosevelt and Ellie's late mother. Their secret journey begins in their hometown of Manteca, California (The Pumpkin Capital of the World). Their final destination: New York City (The Big Apple). Along the way they're robbed by a guy who looks like Warren Beatty and helped out by Max's Aunt Daisy, a vaudevillian contortionist who can fold herself into a bag. When Ellie loses all hope of ever finding her mother, Aunt Daisy pushes her onward to discover just what is waiting for her at Eleanor Roosevelt's house, and why this advent will not be the end of her journey, but just the beginning."


  1. I am rather curious about the upcoming Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights remakes. They seem kind of soon considering the Toby Stephens/Ruth Wilson JE miniseries is only what, 3 years old? And there was a Wuthering Heights miniseries on Masterpiece Classic in January of this year. Oh well...if these are theatrical releases they will be different animals entirely from the miniseries format. And I'm so glad to hear that David Suchet will be in the Orient Express film! Of course, as long as he's alive to play Poirot he should - he OWNS that role IMO.

  2. I'm puzzled as well with remakes that have already been done. I'll gripe about it now but when they come out, I'll probably be interested. I actually haven't seen Suchet as Poirot except in commercials but it sounds promising!

  3. Ohmygoodness - Suchet's Poirot shows and films are fantastic! I own almost all of the DVDs that are available in the US. It's a great show!!

  4. I guess my main exposure to Suchet is in The Way We Live Now and I found his character so annoying. I do realize that he's a respected actor so I'll have to give him another chance!



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