Young Victoria - Interview with Screenwriter Julian Fellowes

"The Young Victoria" has been my favourite new period drama of the past year. They seem to be taking forever to release it in North America but I understand from what I've read that they're hoping to get it noticed for Oscar nomination time. It did play at the Toronto film festival but hasn't been screened for wider release yet in Canada. (IMDb currently only gives Dec. 18th as a date for limited release in the U.S.)

This is an older interview but I just stumbled on it. Julian Fellowes (writer of Gosford Park, Vanity Fair and From Time to Time) discusses the making of The Young Victoria. Fellowes has been no stranger to Kensington palace, seeing as his wife is lady-in-waiting to Princess Michael of Kent, wife of Prince Michael (who is the great-great grandson of Queen Victoria). I loved hearing even more details of the making of this film...

Screenwriter reveals: How I put Young Victoria on the throne
(click for full article from The Daily Mail)

I'm also excited about Fellowes upco
ming series Downton Abbey, a newly commissioned period series. Laura Mackie, director of Drama for ITV discusses the trend for less period dramas...
On ITV (who produced three Austen films in 2007) the recent dramatization of Wuthering Heights won critical acclaim, but the viewing figures were disappointing. “We were really proud of Wuthering,” says Mackie. “But it’s one of very few big marquee titles in the literary adaptation list that would look at. From back in the days of Upstairs, Downstairs and Edward and Mrs Simpson, ITV has had a tradition of commissioning original period drama rather than literary adaptations. That tradition is alive and well – we’ve just commissioned Julian Fellowes [who won an Oscar for his screenplay for Gosford Park] to write Downton Abbey, a nine-part serial set in an Edwardian country house.”
I've already posted this video but it includes Fellowes talking about a scene in the film that I squirmed through when I watched the film. I looked it up afterward to see if this incident with King William scolding Victoria's mother actually happened and found out that it was based on fact.
Here's an interview done on the red carpet at the premiere of The Young Victoria:

Here's a press conference where Julian discusses The Young Victoria!

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  1. I cannot WAIT for this movie to make it to the States, either in theaters or on DVD. I'm dying to see it!

  2. Ruth, I don't understand why they're waiting so long to release it. I absolutely loved it even though I only watched it online. If you'd like the link, just send me an email!



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