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In the news... Donald Trump's daughter got married this weekend and they said her dress was similar to Grace Kelly's so I wanted to see it again. Found this picture and think it's absolutely graceful just as the lady who wore it!
(Grace’s wedding gown was the most expensive design ever made by Helen Rose. It used 25 yards of silk taffeta and 100 yards of silk net. Its 125-year-old rose point lace was purchased from a museum and thousands of tiny pearls were sewn on the veil.)

"Elizabeth Swann", "Elizabeth Bennett" and now "Eliza Doolittle" will be taken on by Keira Knightley. (Wonder if she'll ever take on the role of Queen Elizabeth?) We already heard that Knightley was rumoured to take on the lead role in "My Fair Lady" and it now appears to be more official. Daniel Craig's name has been mentioned for Higgins...(Joe Wright who directed Kiera in P&P was mentioned as director but he has stated that he's not part of this production)

Queen Kristina (2011)
Sarah Polley will be portraying the "17th century Swedish queen who ascended to the throne at age six years and became an eccentric political and military leader who eventually abdicated her throne to pursue artistic and scientific interests. " To be co-produced by Canada and Sweden.

Dusty Springfield biopic?
I've heard that Keira Knightley, Nicole Kidman and singer Amy Winehouse are being considered to play 60's singer Dusty Springfield although earlier posts suggested that Kidman already had the role.

Other films updated recently:
A Christmas Carol, starring Jim Carrey
Chasing Vermeer
Airman (based on Colfer's book)
Game of Thrones
Jane Eyre (2010)
From Prada to Nada (based on S&S)
Upstairs, Downstairs
Small Island

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  1. Daniel Craig as Higgins! Oh dear. He could NEVER fill Rex Harrison's shoes. Then again, as much as I ADORE Keira, I just don't see how any other adaptation can EVER top the one with Audrey. Wonder why they'd bother!! As an aside, I also wonder why they didn't give the film role to Claire Danes who I heard did a wonderful job of the role on the stage. Thanks for the other forecasts. I adore your blog because you always keep me ahead of the curve! xoxo.

  2. I'm waiting to see who gets cast as Henry Higgins, that'll make it or break it. In my very humble opinion, Hugh Laurie is the only man who could do Henry Higgins. That's my two cents. ;-) Honestly. He can sing, even. Keira has the potential, I guess, but then who can top Audrey? It'll be interesting. But since I've pictured Hugh in the HH role, the idea of anyone else has been very disappointing. The film's ruined before it's been filmed! ;-)

  3. Thanks FF! It does seem that they have remakes for every film out there doesn't it? I actually am keen on this far :)

    Alexandra, I think Hugh Laurie would be awesome too, however, I would want to see another leading lady with him since I think the age difference would be too great with Keira. Seeing as she's already cast, I wouldn't mind seeing her with someone like Jeremy Northam.

  4. I'm HORRIFIED by that photoshop of keira's face over audrey's.

    I'd love to see Claire in it opposite Hugh Laurie... oh, why can't the common man be in charge of casting!

  5. Sorry Peri!
    If I had thought of you at all, I never would have done it! It is supposed to be comical though... As much as I love Audrey, I am looking forward to Keira. But Hugh and Claire? Isn't the age difference too large? btw, Have you seen Hugh in The Young Visiters?

  6. Rex Harrison was twenty-some years older than both his co-stars (Andrews and Hepburn) and well into his fifties when the film version was made. To be honest, I don't think a young Higgins would be quite as believable. I'm still rooting for Hugh. Does anyone know if Emma Thompson is still writing the screenplay? I read that he (HL)was her first choice for the role. Oh, if only she was the director...sigh.

    Claire Danes??? Wow! That would be awesome as well (Sigh). I didn't realizee she was playing the role on the stage.

  7. I've reposted the My Fair Lady thread here:



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