Colin Firth news - Oct. 29/09

With regards to BBC's announcement that they will be producing yet another adaptation of David Copperfield, I was pleased to find that I am not the only one who feels that remaking the same old movies again is not the most welcome news. I queried period movie fans of various sites and am thrilled at the suggestions mentioned already. Even if the BBC is deaf to our suggestions, I at least have found great recommendations for my reading list!

Having said that, I noticed that none other than Colin Firth is listed as being part of the cast according to IMDb. I found some dated information on Velvet Octopus about the possible casting for the film although I'm uncertain if these details have since been changed. I still have a hard time getting enthused about this production but wanted to pass this along.

Colin Firth as Mr. Murdstone
Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Micawber
Julie Walters as Aunt Betsy
Kevin McNally as Dan Pegotty
Dominic Cooper as Steerforth

MTA - apparently Firth is no longer attached to the production of David Copperfield.

And here's a pic from the upcoming "A Christmas Carol",
which features Colin as Scrooge's nephew Fred.


  1. Hi Charley, fascinated to hear about this - it seems this is a different production of 'David Copperfield' from the one Andrew Davies is scripting for the BBC! According to a fansite on 'David Copperfield', this one is a $25million feature film directed and co-written by Peter Howitt, who directed 'Sliding Doors' - here's a link to the information:

    I hardly think we need TWO new Copperfields when you think how many times it has been adapted already! Though I'm sure I will still watch both versions notwithstanding.:) Judy

  2. Colin Firth said in a recent interview that he will not be doing David Copperfield & had unsuccessfully tried to get it removed from his IMDb page.

  3. I agree with you that we don't need yet another version of David Copperfield. I thought the same about the latest version of Emma. I posted about it here.

  4. I'm confused now...2 different productions? I doubt both will go forward or hope not anyway!
    And Firth is not on board? Good, I hope they don't cast anyone interesting so they don't tempt me at all. Can you tell I'm put off by this production?! That's odd that IMDb won't delete the details.
    piningforthewest, there seems to be so many of us who would like to see them steer away from endless remakes of Austen, Dickens, etc.

  5. Woo, I've been linked! :D

    The Hollywood film and BBC coincidal reminds me of what happened to Emma back in the 90s. I'm not surprised by the two adaptations, since this is Dickens' favorite novel and his bicentennial is coming up soon. And I'm still trying to get a fandom going for this book!

    Could someone give me the link for that Firth interview, as I'd love to post it on my site?

  6. In answer to Nibs, not sure if this is the same article, but I've found a Firth interview from September where he says nothing is happening as far as he is aware on the Copperfield film - that he expressed an interest in it to Peter Howitt years ago and that was the last he heard of it.
    Here's a link:




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