Tirelli Costume Company - gallery of photos

I was curious to find out which movies have had their costumes designed by the Tirelli company and I had no idea they were involved with so many films including "The Duchess" and "Marie Antoinette" for which they won Oscar awards for Costume Design. If you go to their website, you'll find a long list of films and television programs which have featured their "pieces of art".

I've posted some smaller pics here, if you want to see them up close, be sure to visit Tirelli Costumi !

>>gallery #2

1 & 2 - Napoleon and Me, (1814) worn by Monica Bellucci
3 - The Night and the Moment, (late 1700) worn by Lena Olin
(the third dress is one of my favourite styles with the sack-back gowns I fell in love with in Marguerite Volant)

1- The Golden Door (early 1900), worn by Charlotte Gainsbourg
[Has anyone seen this film? I saw the trailer when it came out but haven't heard much]
2 & 3 - The Scarlett Letter (late 1600), worn by Gary Oldman and Demi Moore

1 & 2 - Anna Karenina (1880), worn by Sophie Marceau
3 - Ludwig (1866-67), worn by Sonia Petrova
[I have a fondness for this 3rd outfit since it's set in the year my country was born]

1 - Marie Antoinette (late 1700) [won the Oscar for costumes]
2 - La Vestale, an opera (1810)
3 - The King's Whore (1705) worn by Timothy Dalton and Valeria Golina

1 - L'atlantide (1905), worn by Anna Galiena
2 - early 1700 dress given as a gift from the Tirelli company to a costume gallery
3 - Age of Innocence (1880), worn by Winona Ryder
[the 1st dress caught my eye in the video since it reminded me of toile which I adore
so I'm glad to figure out which film it's from!]

1 - Cold Mountain (1850), worn by Nicole Kidman
2 - from the "aristocratic Roman house" (1880)
3 - Il Gattopardo (The Leopard) (1860), starring Burt Lancaster & Claudia Cardinale

1 - authentic dresses (left - 1955, right - 1950)
2 - Amadeus (1780), costume on right worn by Tom Hulce

To view in detail, be sure to visit Tirelli Costumi !


  1. Really, really beautiful. I loved the video and it was a great present to see the gallery.

    Talking about Marguerite Vollant, I'd like to watch it with English subs. I only found it in raw French. My French is not good enough...

  2. Hi Shoujofan!
    I was lucky enough to see Marguerite Volant dubbed in English but I'd love to see it with English subtitles too! The girl who uploaded it to Dailymotion indicated that there's a way to add English subtitles but she was unsure of how to do it.

  3. Ah! Wonderful costume house aren't they? Responsible for so much great work!

  4. Hi Charleybrown - i have a friend who is doesn't speak or understand French who bought the series of Margeurite Volant in French - she was so disappointed to discover there was no subtitle - where or how did you manage to see it dubbed in English ?

  5. Anon, sorry to hear that! I would hope that a dubbed version would be available. I watched it on CBC in Canada and have not been able to find a copy for sale either.



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