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Thanks to everyone who took part! After one week and 300 people casting their vote, the results are in. I don't think there are many surprises at the top of the list but I'm surprised with some of the films that haven't been seen by as many as I'd thought such as Berkeley Square, The Lost Prince and Lark Rise to Candleford. I can understand that Lark Rise hasn't yet been aired in the States so hopefully once it does, that number will change! Berkeley Square and The Lost Prince are two of my favourite period dramas and I thought more people would have had the chance to watch them! There was a total of 6,182 votes cast in total which gives an average of 20.6 out of 50 films watched for each person.

(Update: As of December 2009, over 700 people have cast their votes. Thanks for taking part everyone! The results have changed only slightly and can be seen at PollDaddy)

full list found here>> BBC Period Dramas

Here are the poll results for the Top BBC Period Dramas:
(number who have seen the film, followed by percentage of voters)

Pride and Prejudice (1995) 294 98%
Sense and Sensibility 261 87%
Jane Eyre (2006) 246 82%
Persuasion (2007) 240 80%
Persuasion (1995) 236 79%
Becoming Jane 228 76%
North & South 219 73%
Cranford 215 72%
Wives and Daughters 200 67%
Miss Austen Regrets 172 57%
Bleak House 170 57%
Little Dorrit 167 56%
Room with a View 167 56%
Jane Eyre (1983) 167 56%
Robin Hood 164 55%
Daniel Deronda 151 50%
Mansfield Park 149 50%
Emma 139 46%
Middlemarch 138 46%
David Copperfield 135 45%
Tess of the D'Urbervilles 132 44%
Under the Greenwood Tree 126 42%
Pride and Prejudice (1980) 126 42%
Tenant of Wildfell Hall 120 40%
Our Mutual Friend 119 40%
Oliver Twist 116 39%
Tudors 116 39%
The Way We Live Now 104 35%
Buccaneers 99 33%
Lorna Doone 97 32%
He Knew He Was Right 90 30%
Les Miserables 90 30%
Ballet Shoes 85 28%
Other Boleyn Girl 83 28%
Old Curiosity Shop 78 26%
Anne of Avonlea 77 26%
Lark Rise to Candleford 74 25%
Lost Prince 72 24%
Six Wives of Henry VIII 68 23%
Berkeley Square 68 23%
Mill on the Floss 57 19%
Sharpe's Challenge 55 18%
Madame Bovary 53 18%
Jewel in the Crown 49 16%
Barchester Chronicles 48 16%
Cambridge Spies 32 11%
The Pallisers 25 8%
Adam Bede 24 8%
Byron 21 7%
The Cazalets 20 7%

The original poll is here if you'd like to vote...


  1. I'm just starting to catch up with my favourite blogs after being away on holiday, so am late in seeing this poll, but have now "cast my votes" - too late for the count! This list of movies and series brings back some great memories, and also gives me some hints of goodies yet to see. (Some of these were actually made by ITV but I think they may have been packaged as BBC when being sold abroad.) A great idea for a poll.:) Judy

  2. Thanks to this great blog which I recently discovered, yesterday I had a marathon of Cranford, and I'm totally in love with the series.

    I grew up with BBC's series, the first one was The Forsyte Saga, I was only ten and I was allowed to stay up late one evening a week. Then came The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Elizabeth R and many others. I was twelve when I fell in love with that fabulous actor called Sir Anthony Hopkins and his portrait of Pierre, my favourite character in War and Peace, which I had already read by then.

    In these odd times Portuguese television no longer gives us British series, we are reduced do depressing reality shows. Thank you for alerting me to Cranford, a true gem, I ordered it from Amazon.

    My beloved Dame Judi Dench, whom I had the privilege to see along with Dame Maggie Smith a few years ago, third row center, in David Hare's The Breath of Life at the Haymarket Theatre is wonderful as always. And so are all the others.

    Needless to say, I'm ordering Elizabeth Gaskell's three novels on which the series was inspired right away.

    One final question: any news of a DVD release of the magnificent Clayhanger? Why hasn't it been released yet?

    Teresa, Lisbon, Portugal

  3. Ah, so sad to see Maurice didn't rank.

  4. Thanks for voting! I'll repost results later if they differ from the current count.
    Teresa, I've never heard of Clayhanger.
    Gail, this list was just a sampling since there are more than 50, way more than I had initially thought!

  5. I wish the BBC would release a dvd of Clayhanger (A .Bennett)this is a wonderful drama series shown in 1976 and set in the Potteries Five Towns
    Could they not be persuaded to show it again on TV as they did with Poldark

  6. Clayhanger was not a BBC production -it was produced by the now defunct ATV.



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