Six Degrees of Separation - Emily Blunt

I've been playing my own game of Six Degrees of Separation from Emily Blunt unknowingly the past few days.

1. I finally had the opportunity to show "The Young Victoria" (starring Emily) to my daughter! She agreed with me that it was awesome!
2. The following night, we watched one of our favourite episodes of "The Office" starring John Krasinski, Emily's newly announced fiancé!
3. A friend mentioned Tom Hanks which reminded me of "That Thing You Do!" which features Steve Zahn, who costars with Emily Blunt in Sunshine Cleaning which I just watched today. (It also stars Amy Adams who has played Krasinski's girlfriend on The Office)
4. A friend also alerted me to a new period drama series in the works by Julian Fellowes which I'm excited about. (Fellowes is the writer of The Young Victoria.)
5. I just discovered the trailer for Wolf Man which stars Emily. Not sure if it's my cup of tea though...
6. This stroppy man (pictured here) is in two films with Emily Blunt. In both, he tries to manipulate her for his own ends in the royal courts. First, in "Henry VIII", he offers her (as Catherine Howard) to the king (played by Ray Winstone) to gain favour and in the second film, he attempts but fails to control her for his own ambitions.

Do you recognize this actor?

That Thing You Do!

This film was Tom Hanks directorial debut which "recounts a fable of a pop rock band formed a year after the Beatles took America by storm in early 1964. Jazz aficionado Guy Patterson, unhappily toiling in the family appliance store, is recruited into the band the Oneders (later renamed the Wonders) after regular drummer Chad breaks his arm. After Guy injects a four/four rock beat into lead singer Jimmy's ballad, the song's undeniable pop power flings the Wonders into a brief whirlwind of success, telling the tale of many American bands who attempted to grab the brass ring of rock and roll in the wake of the British Invasion." (Imdb)

I recall this film being a lot of fun to watch and the song which gets played various times throughout the film as it climbs the charts, doesn't get repetitious but infectious! I don't always choose films from these era but it was a great visit to the Sixties!

Starring left to right:
Tom Hanks, Johnathon Schaech, Liv Tyler, Ethan Embry, Tom Everett Scott and Steve Zahn

The Young Victoria - screencaps (part 1)

Just finished choosing my favourite 100 pictures out of 2000 screencaps graciously provided by Dragonclouds. My interest in British history is fully reignited!

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