The Language of a Parasol

Supposing that men could figure out the language of a fan,
now we expect them to know the language of a parasol?
And what if the lady forgot her parasol at home?? What then?!

The Language of a Parasol

Carrying it elevated in left hand. Desiring acquaintance.
Carrying it elevated in right hand. You are too willing.

Carrying it closed in left hand. Meet on the first crossing.

Carrying it closed in right hand by the side. Follow me.

Carrying it over the right shoulder. You can speak to me.

Carrying it over the left shoulder. You are too cruel.

Closing it up. I wish to speak to you.
Dropping it. I love you.

End of tips to lips. Do you love me?
Folding it up. Get rid of your company.

Letting it rest on the right cheek. Yes.

Letting it rest on the left cheek. No.

Striking it on the hand. I am very displeased.

Swinging it to and fro by the handle on the left side. I am engaged.
Swinging it to and fro by the handle on the left side. I am married.
Tapping the chin gently. I am in love with another.
Twisting it in the left hand. I love another.

Twirling it around. Be careful; we are watched.

Using it as a fan. Introduce me to your company.

Biting the tips. I wish to be rid of you very soon.

With handle to lips. Kiss me.

Here are some films with a parasol...

Mary Poppins


Age of Innocence

Portrait of a Lady

Forsyte Saga

And some pictures that caught my eye...

4 above are by Monet

Umbrellas in the Rain - Prendergast

The Singing Butler - Vettriano

Girl with parasol - Byers

Long Beach - Mark Spain

Photo: Ken Gilham

photo: Kate Thompson

Photo: Joseph Hancock

Un dimanche après-midi à l'Île de la Grande Jatte - Georges Seurat

and the Muppet version of Seurat's painting... :)

above and below from pinkfrosting

most pics found at art. com or photobucket

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  1. These parasol pictures are wonderful.:) Judy

  2. Yes... I'm wishing for a parasol of my own now!



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