The Language of Flowers

We know how Marianne preferred Willoughby's offering of handpicked wildflowers to Colonel Brandon's perfect bouquet. If men really want to know how to let flowers speak for them, they'll need to learn the language of flowers.

(That is, if they've already mastered The Language of the Fan
and The Language of a Parasol.)

Most of the meanings of flowers are beautiful and poetic
but some have a negative meaning.
Woe to the gentleman who didn't do his homework,
combined the wrong flowers and sent mixed messages...

Here are some to avoid:

For instance, if he offered Mignonette, Coloured Daisy and Geraniums,
he would effectively be saying
Your qualities surpass your charms of beauty AND I think you're stupid.
[Not likely to woo her...]

Or pity the man who would give the lady a carnation and a hydrangea:
I would offer you my love and devotion except that I'm heartless.

Lungwort and Hemlock:
You are my life but you will be the death of me!

Cardamine and orchid:
You will have many children but there will be paternal error.

Ranunculus, Thornapple & Night Blooming Cereus:
I'm dazzled by your deceitful charms and transient beauty.

Orange Rose and Bee Balm:
I'm fascinated by you but your whims are unbearable.

Japanese Rose and Daffodil:
Your beauty is your only asset and you're vain.

Columbine, Day Lily, Broken Straw, Witch Hazel & Coloured Daisy:
Your folly and coquetry have broken the spell of your beauty.

Or if the gentleman really knows what he's doing,
he can woo her with a wasp's nest...

Molly in "Wives & Daughters"

A detailed list of flowers and their meanings can be found here:
The Language of Flowers.

> The Language of the Fan

>The Language of a Parasol.

I know a crazy gardener.
do hope that she isn't leaving any mixed messages in the countless gardens that she's tended :)

These are some of her lilacs. I'll have to check what that means...

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  1. LOL! I was waiting for the meaning of Lilacs *snort*

    Denise of Ingleside



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