Enigma - Six Degrees of Separation

In watching Enigma, I was struck by all the familiar faces and especially noted how many of them have been in a Jane Austen adaptation. So of course, I had to play the game of Six Degrees of Separation! Even actors I hadn't heard of previously seemed to be able to be connected to Jane in one or two steps. If the actor appeared in an Austen film, they scored a perfect 5 points. For every step taken to connect them, they lose a point and all the connections must be made through period movies:

Kate Winslet acted as Marianne in S&S...5 pts.

Matthew Macfadyen acted as Darcy in P&P...5 pts.

Jeremy Northam acted as Knightley in Emma...5 pts.

Tom Hollander acted as Collins in P&P...5 pts.

Corin Redgrave was Sir Walter Elliot in Persuasion...5 pts.

Dougray Scott was in The Ten Commandments with Naveen Andrews,
who was in Bride and Prejudice...4 pts.

Saffron Burrowns acted in Circle of Friends with Colin Firth,
who acted in P&P...4 pts.

Robert Pugh acted in The Englishman who Went Up a Hill with Hugh Grant,
who acted in S&S...4 pts.

Anne-Marie Duff acted in The Aristocrats with Jodhi May,
who will be in the upcoming Emma...4 pts.

Mick Jagger has his music used in The Boat That Rocked with Gemma Arterton,
who plays Lizzie in Lost in Austen...4pts. (Jagger was a producer and had a cameo in film)

Emma Davies acted in Cape Wrath with David Morrissey,
who acted in S&S...4 pts.

Richard Leaf acted in Harry Potter with Maggie Smith,
who was in Becoming Jane...4 pts.

Donald Sumpter was in Einstein and Eddington with Lucy Briers,
who was in P&P...4 pts.

Richard Katz was in Rome with Polly Walker,
who was in Emma...4 pts.

Angus MacInnes was in Black Dahlia with Jemima Rooper,
who was in Lost in Austen...4 pts.

Mary Macleod was in Duchess of Duke Street with Gemma Jones,
who was in S&S...4 pts.

Nicholas Rowe was in Nicholas Nickleby with Romola Garai,
who will be in Emma...4 pts.

Tim Bentinck was in The Gathering Storm with Tom Wilkinson,
who was in S&S...4 pts.

Emma Buckley was in Henry VIII with Benjamin Whitrow,
who was in P&P...4 pts.

Adrian Preater was in Gosford Park with Michael Gambon,
who will be in the upcoming Emma...4 pts.

Edward Woodall was in The 10th Kingdom with Robert Hardy,
who was in S&S...4 pts.

Emma Davies was in Cambridge Spies with Rupert Penry-Jones,
who was in Persuasion...4 pts.

Michael Troughton was in Poldark with Ioan Gruffudd,
who was in Secret of Moonacre with Juliet Stevenson,
who was Mrs. Elton in Emma...3 pts.

Edward Hardwicke was in Elizabeth with Emily Mortimer,
who was in The Sleeping Dictionary with Hugh Dancy,
who was in The Jane Austen Book Club...3 pts.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was in Kingdom of Heaven with David Thewlis,
who was in The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas with Rupert Friend,
who was in P&P...3 pts.

Tom Fisher was in the Illusionist with Eddie Marsans,
who was in Little Dorrit with Judy Parfitt,
who was in P&P...3 pts.

Martin Glyn Murray was in Sharpe's Waterloo with Paul Bettany,
who was in A Knight's Tale with James Purefoy,
who was in Mansfield Park...3 pts.

(5 x 5 pts) + (14 x 4 pts) + ( 5 x 3 pts) = a total score of 96!
and yes, I'm totally distracted by useless information!!

I wonder if there's any film out there that can boast of a higher score...

I also have a challenge out there to find a movie that scores higher than Little Dorrit in the number of period dramas connected to the actors in Web of Films...

By the way, this was my second film watched in the Period Drama Challenge. I thought the movie was interesting but it didn't live up to my expectations. It's also rated R which is one of the reasons that it wasn't my favourite. I was impressed to learn about the history behind it : wikipedia link.


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