Musical Musings

Music expresses that which cannot be said
and on which it is impossible to be silent.
~Victor Hugo

Notre Dame de Paris links at bottom...

Just found out that the author of The Remains of the Day
has given her blessing for it to be made into a musical...

I thought this set for Disney's musical of Mary Poppins looked just like a dollhouse. [click for closeup]

I was sad to discover that Jason Raize, who played Simba in the Broadway production of The Lion King died in 2004. I was blown away by this song when I saw it on Rosie O'Donnell's show and am still waiting for the Lion King to tour nearby as I'd love to see it. This was one of the original songs that Elton John wrote for the stage musical:

Yesterday, I was determined to stay focused on the task at hand and so I chose Josh Groban to listen to while I worked. I was delighted to discover that I
already own Remember When It Rained (thanks to Elva for the video), a song which I was determined to buy after seeing this video. Some of my favourite period drama videos are accompanied by Josh's songs, unfortunately, most of them have had their music tracks removed due to copyright. Boooo.

Listening to Josh reminded me of Bruno Pelletier, who reminded me of Garou (shown on right). Housework has never been so fun while being serenaded by those three! One thing led to another and I discovered the full musical of Notre Dame de Paris (based on Victor Hugo's Hunchback of Notre Dame) I had heard bits of it previously and knew that Bruno Pelletier had been it (he plays Gringoire) but just discovered that the musical production is on Youtube! Garou, it turns out, is in it as well playing Quasimodo. So there's the French musical with English subtitles (view here) and there's the same production which someone has dubbed with the songs from the English album performed by most of the original cast (view here). The English production was staged in London but didn't enjoy the same success as the French one. The song of Belle was a huge hit in France and Belgium. After watching this song performed in the musical, I enjoyed seeing the three men perform it without makeup (see below). I already knew that Garou was handsome but was delighted to see Daniel Lavoie looking more dapper since as Frollo, he reminded me of Mr. Bean! [I just found out that Garou has an English album and one of his songs was co-written by Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty! You can easily recognize Rob's style in the song..."Stand Up"]

Here's a version of Lune (Moon) by Bruno which includes an English verse. This is the recording that he has on his CD.

And I was tickled to discover the Canadian talent in this production. Luc Plamandon, who wrote the lyrics and Pelletier, Garou and Lavoie are all Canadian.


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