The Magic of Ordinary Days

One mistake changed the course of her life.
One man changed the direction of her heart.

Set in 1944 Colorado, The Magic of Ordinary Days is the story of a young woman, Livy Dune (Keri Russell), who became pregnant before marriage. Her father, Rev. Dunne, decided to deal with the situation, by arranging a marriage to a shy farmer through another preacher. The groom, Ray Singleton ( Skeet Ulrich), lives on a remote farm and is very different than Livy. Ray focuses on what is close to him: his family, his land, today. Livy thinks on a much grander scale: the world, ancient civilizations, far away places.

Ray's farm uses the help of Japanese Americans from a nearby Japanese American internment camp to help work the farm. Livy befriends two well-educated Japanese American women who were working the farm, Flora and Rose (Tania Gunadi and Gwendoline Yeo). She finds comfort and familiarity in their friendship. Livy is polite and civil to her new husband and his sister Martha (Mare Winningham), but she harbors feelings for the father of the baby, a World War II soldier, and feelings of guilt for the pregnancy. Ray, however, is caring, patient, and supportive of Livy, but the fact that she does not want him hurts him deeply. Slowly over time, the two come to understand and love each other...[Wikipedia]
Based on a novel by Ann Howard Creel.

I thought it was a sweet, tender movie...

Note: There are some "spoiler" pictures...

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  1. I love this movie. it is one of my favorites...cry everytime. :)

  2. I can't believe that I hadn't heard of this movie before now... I'm so glad that I found it. It's such a quiet, simple little movie but that's part of its charm!

  3. I love love love this movie. I could watch it every day. The movie was magical, from the director, screen writers, and most definately the casting of the actors. They were made for this movie. I would love to find my Ray!

  4. I agree. I was just telling my coworkers about it. I'm hoping to buy a copy to lend them!

  5. Hallmark Hall of Fame is rebroadcasting this movie on Saturday, January 30 on CBS at 8/7C if you want to watch it again or tell your friends.

  6. Do you know any similar or 'mail order bride' movies?

    1. Try "Sarah Plain and Tall" - another Hallmark Classic starring Glenn Close and Christopher Waken.

  7. @Anonymous

    I really love this movie too and it instantly reminded me of a much darker and heavy Irish TV-film called "Falling for a Dancer". Starring Liam Cunningham and Colin Farrell.
    It's a wonderful series wich I do recomend.
    Cheers Elva



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