Les Miserables

~ One of my favourite musicals ~

"In 1978 Alain and Claude-Michel started working on a musical adaptation of Les Misérables in French. This show was inspired by Alain’s visit to Cameron Mackintosh’s production of Oliver! in London. When Alain saw the Artful Dodger he immediately thought of Gavroche and the idea of Les Misérables as a stage musical was born.
It was some two years later that a young Hungarian director, Peter Farago, took a recording of the show to Cameron Mackintosh, who, without understanding the lyrics, recognized that it was something very special. Cameron very quickly decided he wanted to produce the show and it opened in London.

The first night at London’s Barbican Theatre on 8 October 1985 was greeted by an enthusiastic response from the audience and a long, emotional standing ovation. So it came as something as a shock to find that the reviews were almost all appalling. The late Jack Tinker, of London’s Daily Mail, christened the show “The Glums” and it was variously described as: ‘”a load of sentimental old tosh”, “a witless and synthetic entertainment”, “a turgid panorama” and “a crude cops and robbers epic”. The public, however, made up their own minds and within 3 days every performance of the 2 month run at the Barbican was sold out. It looks like critics are not infallible!" [taken from Musical World of Boublil and Schönberg]
>>> Les Miserables (1998 movie) with Liam Neeson
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Alfie Boe to reprise role of Valjean!

In April 2009, Susan Boyle (video) auditoned for Britain's Got Talent, singing "I Dreamed A Dream", which became an internet sensation and increased the sales of Les Mis soundtracks. In a later audition, Jamie Pugh (video) wowed the judges and audience with an emotional performance of Bring Him Home.

Watch the encore
Do You Hear the People Sing/One Day More
17 Different International Actors
that have portrayed Valjean

Jean Valjean (Colm Wilkinson)

Javert (Philip Quast)

Fantine (Ruthie Henshall)

On this page I write my last confession...

Marius with Éponine (Michael Ball and Lea Salonga)


Cosette (Judy Kuhn) with Marius

Mr. Thenardier (Alun Armstrong)

Young Cosette (Hannah Young)


  1. Oh my OH MY, I am one of the biggest Les Miz fans in existence, so your blog posts on it are soooooo exciting!! Wow. I'll be seeing the real Broadway play this upcoming April, and I can hardly live my life normally because of my total ecstasy...haha!
    I want to see the new 25th Ann. DVD so terribly bad! I love the '95 one and doubt this new concert could beat it. ;) And I absolutely adore Michael Maguire, btw...Enjolras is my favorite character...

    You seriously have a fabulous blog. =D

  2. Anna Olivia, Thanks and great to meet another fan! I'm envious that you'll be seeing it on Broadway - I'm sure it will be fabulous!
    I'm eager for the 25th anniversary DVD as well! Wonder how long it will take to come to North America :(

  3. That quote has a slight misstatement. When it says that Farago took the Paris album to CamMac "two years later" what it means is two years after the premiere in Paris in 1980 -- so 1982 (CamMac heard the Paris album in November 1982). That was four years after Boublil saw Oliver! in London.

    Here's another helpful Les Mis link when it comes to comparing the film versions. This site is quite a bit of fun:



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