Bright Star - Screencaps

Thanks to Alex at Lights, Camera, History,
I discovered more pics from the film released by the producers at

The costumes and cinematography of these images look beautiful...


  1. I'm so curious about this movie! I read some mixed reviews in the papers, especially about Ben Whishaw's performance, but the photography only is magnificent.

  2. I'm not familiar with Whishaw - he doesn't look like the typical leading man but I am interested to learn more about Keats. I agree with you that this film looks visually stylish and it's become one of my most anticipated films to watch! And Alex, I'm guessing that you'll get to see it before it reaches theatres over here!

  3. I only remember Whishaw as the sickly Sebastian Flyte in Brideshead Revisited and while not bad in that role, his performance was not memorable either.
    Keats is more or less in unfamiliar territory to me, except for a couple of poems I read in college, one of them was Bright Star. But I had no idea a story like this was behind it... I'm sure I would have been much more attentive if I knew about Fanny Brawne. ;-)
    I checked the release dates a couple days ago and, despite the screening at Cannes the 15th May, the movie will only have its official release here the 22 July. The wait will be long… :)

  4. Your wait might be long but a release date for Canada isn't even mentioned yet! I'll quit my griping now... :)

  5. Hello Charley, did you know that a couple of clips from this movie are now online?
    It looks beautiful and I think Whishaw comes across well. Sadly there is no release date yet for the UK either - I agree with you that it will probably get here before you get it, but I do wonder whether it will turn up in my home town, as we don't get many art house movies these days. I hope all costume drama fans soon get a chance to see it! Judy

  6. Ah... and now we have to endure the suspense until we find out when we can or IF we can ever see this! Hope you gals get to see it in Europe since you usually have first dibs on it. Why is that anyway???
    Yes Judy, I did see the clip. It only served to increase my eagerness! I put the link on my page 1 of Bright Star.



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