Ben-Hur (2010)

~ I love this shot from the film's blog ~

Ben Hur

4 hour mini-series aired on CBC in Canada on April 4th and 11th, 2010.
Apparently it is also scheduled to appear on ABC in the States, Spain's Antenna 3 and Germany's ProSieben.

This production features:
Joseph Morgan (Ben Hur)
Emily VanCamp
(love interest)
Stephen Campbell Moore
Ray Winstone
(adoptive father)
Hugh Bonneville
(Pontius Pilate) *horrified gasp*
Kristin Kreuk, Alex Kingston, Marc Warren, James Faulkner

source: Hollywood Reporter

[photo of Joseph Morgan and Emily VanCamp]

In the words of the director:
This will be nothing like the massive and beautiful Charlton Heston Ben Hur. From an evergrowing archaeological record we know so much more about the lassical world now than they did in 1959. Our version for 2010 will have a beauty all of its own, a magnificence based in the possibility that this is how it might really have been, that we can reach out and touch this world even though it took place two thousand years ago. It is a place that we recognize, where human relations, desires and ambitions are unchanged and where there is always hope of redemption – even in the face of unspeakable provocation.”

David Wyler, son of helmer William Wyler, is an exec producer, along with Alchemy's Simon Vaughan and Drimtim's Roger Corbi. William Wyler's 1959 rendition of the story of a renegade hero in ancient Rome won 11 Oscars, including best picture.

Production is set to begin in May in Spain, Morocco and Canada.
[Hugh Bonneville's site states that he's currently in Morocco filming until June 12]

Director Steve Shill (The Tudors, Deadwood, Rome)
Designer Benjamin Fernandez (Gladiator)
Writer Alan Sharp (Rob Roy)
Joseph Morgan
Master and Commander, Mansfield Park

Emily Vancamp
Everwood, Brothers and Sisters

Stephen Campbell Moore
He Knew He Was Right, Amazing Grace

Hugh Bonneville
Daniel Deronda, Lost in Austen, etc. ...hall of fame

Ray Winstone
King Henry VIII, King Arthur

Kristin Kreuk
Smallville, Partition

Alex Kingston
Moll Flanders, Lost in Austen, ER

Marc Warren
Hustle, Ballet Shoes

computer mock ups of scenes?

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  1. That computer mock-up looks almost like the real set, but it does vary slightly... How interesting. I was an extra.

  2. Anon, it must have been a wonderful opportunity to be on the set!

  3. Judah (Joseph Morgan) Ben-Hur spends more time with the second love interest, yet she gets no mention. What is the name of the actress who plays Athenie?

  4. sa44ron, I'm not sure but Imdb lists Lucía Jiménez...



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